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Noguchi Cyclone table

Product design
- 07 Jul 2018 -
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Product design

Have an opportunity to purchase a Noguchi cyclone table for $250. It doesn't have a knoll sticker, but there is a residue spot where it looks like the outline of the sticker. Owner says it used to have a sticker, but fell off. Is there a certain feature that lets one authenticate it as a real knoll? I really think it is, but I don't feel like gambling. Thanks for any insight!


- 08 Jul 2018

The Knoll site has good photos and drawings with all dimensions listed. Take your phone with you and compare every little detail. Find some ahead of time online that include verification of authenticity and compare those photos, too. Maybe there are fakes that are near-perfect copies but most newer knockoffs of iconic pieces have differences big enough that you will notice if you look carefully.

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