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Original fabric on Fritz Hansen desk chair?

- 10 Jul 2017 -
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I haven't found any other examples with patterned fabric, but this fabric does feel appropriate for 1970 when I look at it. It's hand stitched.

Original fabric on Fritz Hansen desk chair?


- 11 Jul 2017

Do you have an overall photo of the chair? The fabric looks later to me but that is just based on having followed upholstery fabric trends for a few decades, not any encyclopedic knowledge of fabric patterns in general.

Hand sewn seams are a basic upholstery skill, and as such are not really an indicator of original upholstery. Any decent upholsterer knows how to do a blind ladder stitch and it's actually used a lot on conventional furniture, not just curvy mid-century modern pieces.

- 17 Jul 2017

A side view would help to determine if the chair has a bit too much padding. But just based on the fabric pattern, I'm inclined to say it's not original----but I'm also an expert on these chairs at all, so take that with a grain of salt!

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