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Our house in Palmetto Magazine.

Interior design
- 19 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design

The focus of the article is on the history of the house, but, if you look at the pix, you will see some of my mid-century finds mixed into the antebellum ambiance. (P.S. All of this stuff is about to be loaded into a container and shipped over here.)

Here is the link. Because it is in the current magazine that they are still trying to sell on the rack, you have to literally page through until you hit the article called "The State House".


- 19 Nov 2017

Hello Riki darling!

I glad that the link won't quite yet open, as I have a certain outfit that I'd like to change into prior to the debut!


You Aunt Mark

- 22 Nov 2017

Dearest Riki...

I am beside myself that I am not able to view the article! So, I'll probably just come for a visit instead...small staff and a full bar in-tow. I can bring a chicken, too.


Aunt Mark

- 22 Nov 2017

problem fixed!

What a grand space! I will bring a large staff (driver, possible pilot, bartender, a gal to iron, and a handsome polite college student to fluff pillows.

I can't wait to read the text this evening!


Aunt Mark

ps I so enjoy civilized folk.

- 23 Nov 2017


I can't read the I've asked my assistant to find me a copy of the magazine.

toot sweet,

Aunt Mark

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