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Panton dining set

- 15 Jan 2018 -
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Just got this set, but not sure about it's authenticity.

The chairs are old, and very heavy, no signature/markings, no ribs.

In the crack of the chair on one of the pictures it seems they are fiberglass.

Can anyone tell me a bit about these? Early Verner Panton?

Thanks and best regards,


Panton dining set
1960 - 1969


- 16 Jan 2018


Just in comparing photos of your chairs to authentic chairs, I see one major difference: the shape of the base. Yours do not slope evenly to the end, they have a very rounded shape. I think they are knockoffs.

I didn't compare tables but I'd guess that's also not authentic. Did Panton design a table that went with these chairs?

- 16 Jan 2018

They are as fake as can be i am afraid.
I saw the listing for them in selling at auction in the UK, did not see what they sold for but i hope you got them cheap.

On a sidenote Verner did design a table for them (made by Verpan today) but only one original example is believed being made.

- 17 Jan 2018


Thanks for your comments.

Had noticed the difference of the slope at the bottom, however, initial designs (pictures attached) also showed this characteristic (other placement of the rounding). In that way, I thought it might be an edition or proto from these to the final production model..

Going to check with Vitra..

Thanks again and best regards,

- 17 Jan 2018

The only time i have seen the type of ridges under the seat like on your chairs, are on Chinese knockoffs.
The two pics above does not prove anything, the first one is a chair that was made in the late 50’s as an experiment and the second pic i have not seen before, but doubt it is of a real Panton chair (but please enlighten me).
If you are going to convince me you have to dig alot deeper....

- 18 Jan 2018


Thanks again for your reply.

Following your comment, I am not the expert here, just asking for your opinions.
Think I already approched you earlier by mail, where you confirmed they were not real.

However, as I just don't want to give up that fast, waiting for a final answer from Vitra to conclude the search.

Thanks again and best regards,

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