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Period Appropriate Bed Recommendation

Interior design
- 13 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design

I am in search of a period appropriate California King bed for a mid century modern home.

I am aware Modernica's George Nelson Thin Edge & Case Study Bed.

What ielse is currently in production? I am interested in a low platform bed.

I was interested in vintage Getama beds designed by Hans Wegner but they were not produced in king size.

United States


- 13 Nov 2017


What about the Sonna Min (with wood headboard) offered by design within Reach? I want a Peter Maly bed...


Aunt Mark

- 13 Nov 2017

Those Getaway beds are a dream for me. Especially ones with the woven headboard.

- 13 Nov 2017

What about a Danish teak platform bed? They were made in king size and are not too hard to find if you're willing to deal with having one shipped to you. Most have attached nightstands. There are variations in the headboards--horizontal grain, vertical grain, narrow framing, no frame, etc. Some have a couple of hidden storage drawers under the bed. I have one of these and I like it very much.

Lots of photos on Pinterest though most are shown not made up:

- 13 Nov 2017

My future involves a new set of Nelson thin edge (queen sized..matching pieces galore). My better half approves. Good sensible design. Priced correctly.

But there is nothing wrong with my current bedroom situation...I guess.


Aunt Mark

- 13 Nov 2017

If budget it not an issue, Nakashima Studio both vintage or new platform beds with headboards. The 'Origins' line also by Nakashima for Widdicomb are more affordable if this is the aesthetic you are after.

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