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- 18 Apr 2017 -
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Hello everybody,

This weekend, the bunny brought us an Easter present.The image upload feature has been restored in the forum!

The daily addition of images in the forum and the Buy & Sell had saturated the old server. The site is now on a new bigger server that should be able to deal with the important amount of images.

Thank you very much for your immense patience!


- 18 Apr 2017


All of my gay clown attire is over 2mb per limb, so there will be very few snappies-o-pink posted for a spell. I am simply overjoyed and quivering at the same time. I just am. A round of drinks on my tab, please. Order up.


Aunt Mark

- 18 Apr 2017

DIdn't it used to resize photos automatically? Mine are all huge and I remember getting that message all the time, that the photo had been resized.

Whatever--I'm so glad it's working again! It's amazing how used I had gotten to just clicking on stuff to upload it here. I really, really missed that feature.

- 18 Apr 2017

Yes, it did resize them before. It is pretty hard to find a device that outputs images anywhere near a 2mb limit these days. The images off my cell phone are many, many times that big. I am hoping it is not too big a request to have the server downsize the images automatically.

- 19 Apr 2017

It's pretty easy to resize them, at least on a Mac. I just stick them on my desktop, then open and click on Tools: Resize. I think it's not too different on a PC but it's been awhile since i did that.

- 19 Apr 2017

Thanks DA team! Appreciate you providing this service to all of us!

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