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Ponti chairs

- 18 Dec 2017 -
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Dear Friends,

I'm new here and I hope I put my question on the right pages, if not please excuse me.

My parents in law are both almost ninety years of age and have to leave their home. The place they are going to is quite expensive and they will need every penny.

They asked me to sell their chairs. I noticed they have six Ponti chairs. My wife put it on a secondhand site and we hear strange high prices!

I would be gratefull if someone could tell me a fair price for these kind chairs.

With kind regards from belgium


Ponti chairs


- 18 Dec 2017


Did you see this block of text when you were composing your post? It appears directly below the message field:

Respect and courtesy are essential. The moderators reserve the right to delete unsuitable messages as well as off-topic messages.
No advertising is allowed. Direct or indirect commercial solicitations are strictly forbidden.
Requests to identify objects are welcome as long as the object is believed to be modern, post-modern or contemporary (no antiques). You may ask for help identifying an object’s designer, producer, period, style, material etc. – but not its commercial value. This forum is not a free valuation service.
If you wish to sell or buy an object, please don’t use this forum. The appropriate place to do it is on our Buy & Sell marketplace.

You can check ended auctions to get an idea of what things sell for, though a lot of that depends on where you live, how you market the chairs, their condition, etc. A set of six generally sells better than a set of four, or just one or two chairs (per chair price, I mean). Good luck.

- 19 Dec 2017

Dear sir,
Sorry about that. I'm afraid I didn't read it properly.
Again apologies , Merry Christmas Happy 2018.

- 20 Dec 2017

Also, please note that there is a large gap between what sites as 1sdibs or pamono ask these days for chairs like yours, and what people will be willing to pay in real life.


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