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Poul Cadovius - Royal System 25th Anniversary

- 25 Nov 2015 -
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This is a pamphlet put out by Poul Cadovius' company Royal System A/S on its 25th anniversay in 1970. I didn't know a lot about Cadovius. For instance I never knew the name of the company responsible for the wall systems. It was Royal System A/S, and the original wall system design shared the same name.

Poul Cadovius - Royal System 25th Anniversary


- 25 Nov 2015

A few interesting points.

-France and Søn was bought by Royal System on November 15th, 1966.
-Cado did not exist as a company until August 20th, 1970, and it was the overall brand name for products from Royal System and from France and Søn. (This is presumably why later France and Søn pieces have both Cado medallions and France and Søn stamps)
Cadovius was trained as an upholsterer and saddle maker.
He started the company by making mini blinds!

- 06 Apr 2017

Thanks for sharing.
My friend and I were just talking about these systems today. Neither of us can put a finger on it, but they are room makers. Between the two of us we own several of these now and have lived with them several years. I never grow tired of having them around. In one brochure they were described as "living walls". It's so true. Love my Cado.

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