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Presotto Italia

- 08 Feb 2018 -
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I have had less than a favorable experience in my dealings with this firm. After seeing their line in Milan at the Salon Del Mobil I contacted them in regards to ordering some furniture.

They were quite accommodating & referred me to their U.S. distributor who was located in Los Angeles. I met their distributor viewed the product line & placed an order.

During my meeting with the importer I was assured of the quality of the furniture in the line & I was told about the company’s history. Their core business was contract furnishings & they had been in business for over 50 years.

When the container arrived from Italy the furniture was delivered to my home in Los Angeles by a third party referred to me by the importer.

Initially I was very impressed with the quality of the furniture. Shortly thereafter I discovered the bed frame was defective & that it had begun to crack. The welds were beginning to fail.

I contacted the company that I had purchased the furniture from & I was informed that they no longer carried the line& they suggested I contact the new distributor in Miami. I contacted the new distributor in Miami & he offered to sell me replacement slats for the bed frame. I explained to him the slats were not the issue that in fact the welds on the frame that houses the slats had failed which in turn had put undue stress on the bedframe causing it to fail.

The bed frame is made out of MDF with a wenge veneer. Once the mounting points for the sub frame were damaged there was no way to repair it. I send detailed photos but since he did not sell me the furniture he had no interest in assisting me outside of selling me replacement slats which I did not need.

I contact Persotto Italia directly at their corporate office in Italy & they were extremely cordial initially because the person I spoke to was under the impression I was interested in purchasing furniture. When I explained the nature of my call their demeanor quickly changed.

After numerous emails I contacted the CEO (Luciano Biscontin) directly. I sent correspondence via Express Mail with detailed photos to Mr. Biscontin. I did not receive a reply from anyone at Presotto Italia. I was shocked by the level of unprofessionalism by such an established reputable firm.

I contacted their retail location in Milan & explained my situation to the store manager it was at that point that someone from the corporate office contacted me.They were not willing to discuss the matter any further.

After reviewing the photos they suggested I transport the sub frame to a welder to repair the cracks


They do no warrant their products. I was quite disappointed due to the fact that I spent a significant amount of money on the furniture. In hinds sight I should have purchased furniture from Poliform or B&B Italia they have exceptional customer service ,value their clients & guarantee their products.

Presotto Italia
United States


- 09 Feb 2018

Did I just read all that? Slow day at work..

Sounds like you shopped over your head and got burned by the 'stupid tax'. Shit happens.
If you want a valid warranty and customer service, then patronize quality authorized retailers that provide it. If you choose to buy from yahoo 'distributors' closer to wholesale, then plan to pay any service costs yourself.

- 09 Feb 2018

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- 09 Feb 2018

I clearly stated the fact that I purchased the furniture for the sole authorized U.,S.distributor based here in Los Angeles,not an internet retailer. the fact remains Presotto Italia does not warrant their products & accepts no responsibility for defective merchandise.

- 12 Feb 2018

You.. clearly.. have a strange way of going about things.
I presume you are clearly beyond the expiration date of the manufacturer's warranty, yes?
On what date did you accept delivery of the items?

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