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RCA forma series stereo

- 01 Jan 1970 -
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good evening,
I picked up this little stereo with detachable and movable speakers (they attach to the lower chrome rail to store under the unit or can be moved around the room), radio and turntable but cannot find out much about it...
I guess Canadian designed. Sounds pretty good...kind of like the plexi covered wells :)
just wondering if anyone has seen one or knows any particulars about a possible designer or seen others in the series? etc?

thanks for your time,


- 02 Sep 2014

Canuck Stereo I believe Andre Morin did a stereo collection (Forma) and this particular design could be the 'Sophisticate' or the 'Modernist' line. They both had chrome bases, but I don't have pics of them. This info from the book 'Design in Canada' by Rachel Gotlieb and Cora Golden, which has 275 pgs. of Canadian midcentury design.

- 28 Apr 2015

thanks for the input leSage...if you can still edit...there is a problem with that link...two www's and one http and one fhttp...:)


thanks again for commmenting on this thread


- 08 Feb 2018

that´s a real nice RCA Stereo. Would you sell it? Or maybe swap it for another rare design stereo? I would be very happy! Best regards!

- 14 Feb 2018

Hello LCA,

I would offer you $ 1000 for the stereo!

I ask for your feedback.

My e-mail is:

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

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