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Re-upholstering Moller model 80 chairs

- 06 Dec 2010 -
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Has anyone had Moller model 80 chairs re-upholstered? The back piece pops out of the (in this case teak) frame, but I don't know how, or where to find an upholsterer who would know how to do this without potentially damaging the wood.

I'm specifically looking for someone in the Ohio region if anyone has suggestions.

Thank you!


- 06 Dec 2010

I don't think it's as difficu...
I don't think it's as difficult as it seems. Did you look at the underside of the bottom edge of the chair back? There is probably a screw or two there that can be removed and then the back will pop out. I had a Jens Risom chair with this same kind of inset upholstered back and that's how it was made. It was very easy to do. The only problem I had was that my new fabric added just enough bulk that it was hard to get the panel back in place, but I did do it in the end.

- 20 Jan 2018

Not thinking of doing this myself any time soon, but have to say, the set of 80s I had and the 65s I now have don't have a screw on the underside of the backrest. I'd like to know how anyone gets them out to be upholstered as I very much doubt the velour I have on mine is original.

- 23 Jun 2018

I'm thinking about this a little bit more seriously at the moment, so does anyone know about safely popping out the back on these?

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