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Restoration advice for desk missing drawers

- 03 Feb 2018 -
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I recently acquired a classic 1950s Peter Lovig boomerang desk (stock photo attached for reference). I paid next to nothing for it *but*, tragically, it is missing all three drawers. Wondering if any of you with more experience can recommend what my next steps should be:

- would it be worthwhile to have some replacement drawers fabricated to try to match the originals? I know this would obviously affect market value, but, given that this is typically such a sought after and $$$$ model, perhaps someone would be willing to pay a lower price for a desk that isn't fully original but still maintains the essential lovig design

- do I just sell it as-is?

- *hail Mary* are there any resources anyone is aware of for obtaining replacement old stock furniture components?

Thanks in advance. Im new to this board and have so much to ask, hope you don't mind my frequent posts. Really an amazing community.

Restoration advice for desk missing drawers


- 04 Feb 2018

If the desk were mine, I'd seek a talented local cabinetmaker to fashion new drawers. Degree of accuracy almost doesn't matter as much as fit and matching color/grain of teak. Make sure to clearly and permanently mark the new drawers indicating that they are NOT original to the desk.

- 04 Feb 2018

the problem here is that you might find another complete desk for a lower price than asking a carpenter to make the drawers for you, unless you live in a country where people income is very low.

The situation is different if you absolutely want to keep this desk. It is nice to give life again to objects of this quality.
Out of curiosity, I would ask how much such job would cost in your area.


PS: I once found a chest of drawers with two missing legs. It would be nice to know the story behind these pieces.

- 04 Feb 2018

30 miles from Boston, I'd have to guess 1,000 - $1,500US depending, again, on accuracy of construction details. We're lucky to have numerous skilled craftspersons concentrated in a relatively small geographic area, thus rates tend to be competitive.

- 05 Feb 2018

Ernest + tktoo - thank you sincerely for your input. Tktoo, thank you specifically for the note about marking the drawers - I definitely try my best to be as transparent (and ethical) as possible in the dealing I've done, but I never considered that such a marking would hopefully help to prevent future sellers from duping someone.

Ernest - I am fortunate to know a lot of makers in the area (Toronto) and even more fortunate to have a brother skilled in furniture construction. I've been told I can have three basic drawer boxes made (solid wood, dovetail joinery) for $60 apiece, and my brother has offered to finish these with teak veneer + similarly sculpted teak pulls to those on the original. Accounting for labour and materials, it looks like I can have this done well under $500CAD, which seems to be a good price whether I ultimately decide to keep it or not. If it were a more run of the mill danish desk I might not go to the effort, but, given the particular notoriety of this design, it seems to be worth it.

I agree re: the story of these pieces, such a mystery. How does such a beautiful desk manage to be parted from its drawers??

- 05 Feb 2018

$60 apiece! That wouldn't even cover materials around here!

Nice desk, BTW.

P.S. My brothers have benefited from the "family rate", too. What goes around comes around.

- 05 Feb 2018

Definitely mark them as replacements, and yes, do it in as permanent way as possible. There are dealers who will go to great lengths to present things as all original, unfortunately.

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