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Revolt chair disassembly

- 14 Nov 2012 -
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Can someone tell me how to disassemble the seat and the backrest of a Ahrend Revolt Chair? I'm having problems removing the bolts of the backrest without bending the clips at the back.

The seat is also mounted with 4 bolts (rivets) but I can't figure out how to take the seat of the claps at the back are invisible (in the frame)

I know it al sounds weird for those not knowing the chair, but maybe someone here is able to help me out.



- 14 Nov 2012

break the rivets by 'carefully' drilling them from the top.

- 15 Nov 2012

Thanks for the help Karll....
Thanks for the help Karll. Do you have experience with the Revolt chairs? I was hoping to find a way to keep the original rivets...

- 15 Nov 2012

From the pics on your other thread
it appears that the rivets cannot be extracted without ruining the retainer clip. If there is no access to the retainer clips under the seat, the only way to remove the rivets would be to either pry them out, or grind off or drill out the heads, none of which are simple or risk-free alternatives. In other words, the chairs were not designed to be disassembled.

- 15 Nov 2012

Not everything is meant to be disassembled. Riveted or welded objects would be on that list. There are a myriad of rivet types, and the tools that apply them are specialized as well.

- 15 Nov 2012

I have been confronted by the same problem, same chairs..
I had the opportunity to 8 chairs, some had problems to the seat
others to the back.
I was contemplating to switch out parts and make 4 good ones, out
of 8 broken ones, but the rivets don't allow this.

- 15 Nov 2012

I had a set of 6 result chairs in really bad condition.

this type: (see picture)

I took some of them apart (drilled the rivets), sanded the steel parts and remounted it. The rivets of the seat are standard dimensions, you can find them.

I had them spray painted after putting them back together. If you want to do it right, and powdercoat the steel parts seperately, be carefull with the rivets, you don't want the paint to jump off. You could consider using aluminium rivets instead of steel. (The new revolt chairs are aluminium, I believe)


- 16 Nov 2012

Thanks for all the...
Thanks for all the tips,

I have been to a few hardware stores, but none had these rivets in stock. Apparently rivets with a diameter of 7mm are not common.

Karll: I have the impression that the rivets of the result chair differ from those of the revolt chair...

I'll keep on searching anyway

- 16 Nov 2012

How are you measuring those rivets?
Rivets are sized by the diameter of the hole into which they fit, not by the diameter of their heads.

I'm not clear on what you're trying to do, exactly, but if it involves removing the rivets that are currently holding the chair together, you might want to leave the job to a professional (or to a skilled amateur who's done it before); removing and replacing rivets isn't a trivial procedure.

- 17 Nov 2012

this is how I measured them
The hole is 7mm diameter, and the rivet lenght (without head) is 20mm. The diameter of the head is 14mm.
It seems like these are rather uncommon big rivets, as the max diameter (of the hole)I can find is 4.2mm


- 17 Nov 2012

Depending on where you are,
one online source for a good selection and comparison of fasteners is McMaster-Carr. They are small-order friendly, too.

- 17 Nov 2012

Thank you very much for the...
Thank you very much for the link. I will take a look at it. I'm from Belgium, Europe by the way.

- 17 Nov 2012

Some of the terminology may be different.
And, of course, dimensions are English System. We do drive on the right and correct side of the road here, however.

I must say that McMaster-Carr has helped to simplify my life on more than a few occasions. Is there no similar European source?

- 18 Nov 2012

It seems like they have more or less the right size,
but I'll keep on looking for supplier closer by. The good thing is at least I know they still exist ;)

I haven't found a european source yet, but I'll let you know when found.


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