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Saarinen Womb Chair advice

- 02 Dec 2017 -
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Hello everybody,

First post here.

I’m very new to the world of vintage furniture and I’m looking for some advice regarding the authenticity of a Womb Chair. The seller imported it along with some other pieces from San Francisco to Ireland. He wasn’t exactly sure what period this chair was from, his guess was the 70’s, so perhaps you can help me out here?

It was reupholstered by a company called Marco supposedly in the 80’s and the picture shows their cert.

Also I’m not certain how to determine an authentic chair from a replica. Does this look like the real deal?



Saarinen Womb Chair advice
lounge & easy chairs


- 15 Dec 2017

Knowing the dealer you bought this from, I’d have every confidence in it being the genuine article! Enjoy it, it’s beautiful.

- 02 Mar 2018

What dealer was this in Ireland? I'm looking for one aswell.

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