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- 24 Nov 2017

..which I realize is a somewhat ironic thing to say seeing as I just sold a sofa and chair to someone for like six thousand dollars.


no one is guilt-free

- 25 Nov 2017

I broke my toe today and bought one of those clunky frankenstein shoe things on amazon--does that count? It doesn't seem like it would be a popular gift item.

boycotting Black Friday since 1963

- 25 Nov 2017

I agree with the buy nothing day message, unless it has already been bought and sold previously, then it doesn't count. Support the second hand economy!

- 25 Nov 2017

This also reminds me that I need to dig out my box of old Ad Busters Magazines!

- 25 Nov 2017

I can't speak for everyone but in the last 35 years of collecting modern, every item I acquired paying next to nothing or even free came from people/households that subscribed to the out with the old in with the new mentality. I don't even have to settle for used or secondhand items because many of these consumers bought items new, never used the item, stored them in the house for decades only for me to buy these back for a bargain.

- 25 Nov 2017

This is my favorite christmas song.

Ho Ho Ho!

Aunt Mark

- 26 Nov 2017

This is my 2nd favorite Christmas song.


Aunt Mark

- 30 Nov 2017

Oh my god objectworship...why do I sometimes think that I understand how your brain cranks?

Too funny,

Aunt Mark

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