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A Skywalk-home

- 23 Jan 2009 -
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If anyone in the Minneapolis area is interested in a solid piece of prefab architecture, here's your chance. An architectural firm is selling a 20x83 feet Ed Baker-skywalk.
79,500$ is a fair price, but moving the thing wouldn't be cheap I guess.

I would sure love to turn this into an iconic home/studio, hovering above a small shady glen (I admire Craig Ellwood's Art center college of design) but I'm some 7000km from Minneapolis :(


- 24 Jan 2009

Damn - i just blew my budget on the Wishbone chairs. Maybe I'll count up my spare change when I get home. I hope it will still be available by then!

- 24 Jan 2009

I'm in Minneapolis
and I can't imagine where the heck this skyway came from.

Here in the frozen tundra, most of the downtown buildings are connected by 2nd floor skyways running over streets. It's very convenient, because most of the buldings have set aside their 2nd floors for shops and everyday restaurants, leaving the street level free of all of these shops and lunch places.

Right now (Saturday morning at 10:00 central time), it's -17 degrees farenheit, so if you worked or shopped downtown, you can imagine how convenient it is.

However, who in their right minds would want their very own skyway?? ?? ??

There's only one word to say about this skyway for sale....ooofta!

- 24 Jan 2009

Looks like
those architects who are selling it on craigslist tried to market it at one time as a time share. The pdf file on their website has some bigger pictures of floor plan concepts. I can't imagine how much it would cost to move that sucker. I think you should buy it, Barry, since it's already right there in your neck of the woods!

- 24 Jan 2009

I guess I now understand where it came from.
Once upon a time there was a Department store called Powers on Nicollet Avenue at 5th Street. Across the street is a very old building that when i was a kid, housed JC Penney, although it was built for a far older store that went out of business. This skyway was built to connect Penney and Powers across 5th Street in the early 1970's.

Well, in the mid to late 1970's, Powers closed its doors and eventually,the very sound and useful building was torn down (typical of urban destruction from those days). To this day, nothing is on that site but a simple ground-level parking lot. Meanwhile, of course, the skyway had to be removed and the building housing Penney's was redone and still stands.

By the way, 5th Street has become the street that the light rail train runs on, which might've been elevated except for those skyways!!

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