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Week-end outage

- 14 Feb 2017 -
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Our apologies for this long week-end outage! We obviously experienced serious technical problems that couldn't be resolved faster because the companies involved were closed during the weekend. Very frustrating!

It is more than likely that some of you have tried to contact us by email. Sorry if you have not received an answer! We don't have access to our emails since saturday morning. Hopefully the problem will be solved today.

Now, the website seems to work normally again (fingers crossed). So, enjoy it and sorry again for the trouble.

Patrick & Alix


- 15 Feb 2017

Thanks for the word. So sorry that you had to experience this problem. Bless you, and carry on . . .


- 15 Feb 2017

I blame Ray.


Aunt Mark


I like my coral orange patent leather shoes today. And my Lilly pants smoke. Rubber Gucci Belt available in 3 colors. Sales tax 7%. Don't forget to feed the birds. Hello to lunchbox.

- 06 Mar 2017

Hello everybody,

You will have noticed that we have experienced new technical problems after moving the site to a new server. The site is back online but there is still a problem to upload images. The technical team is working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Sorry again and thank you for your patience.

- 06 Mar 2017


I wore a sweet pair of pants today...oh my god!

I blame Ray!,

Aunt Mark

ps hello to Patrick and the dog.

- 10 Mar 2017

A quick update.
We were able to restore the upload of images in a new thread but it is still impossible to add an image inside an existing thread.
Our developper is working on it.


- 12 Mar 2017

Hi, just in case you do not know already, at the moment I cannot open the from my iphone, as it says that too many re directions occurred. Thanks

- 12 Mar 2017

Ok hi Ok.

I blame myself. I have single-handedly overwhelmed the system with too many images of gay clown attire. Oh!

Ok hi Ok,

Your Aunt Mark

- 12 Mar 2017

Nein, nicht, shlict. You didn't. As the newlywed says to his bride in "The Black Cat" (1934, Edgar Ulmer), "How could YOU do anything that wasn't entirely lovely . . . ?"

- 12 Mar 2017

Well then,

I can only blame the situation on Debbie Reynolds, former smoker.

But then, hi,

Aunt Mark

- 13 Mar 2017

I feel like I've been going through some kind of withdrawal! I can't access the site from my phone and haven't been near a desktop until today. I've had a lovely time going through all the posts I missed out on! Woohoo!

- 20 Mar 2017

It seems that searching is also down for me....

- 26 Mar 2017

Hi there! Any update on the status of website? i.e. the upload of pictures?

Thank you,

- 27 Mar 2017

Hi friends.

Your patience during this glitch has been first class. I have total confidence that all of Design Addict's functions will be back soon, and better than ever! Fortunately, this clumsy aggravation has been the first and worst in well over a decade. Naturally, I blame myself. I personally overloaded the outdated server with tacky yet quite colorful sartorial swag, I just couldn't help myself. Perhaps simplifying our forum interactions ( meaning temporarily minus pictures) will create somewhat of a" less is more" simplification for the next few days. How grateful we all are (I sure am) to our hosts for providing a free playground full of mixed design nuts, and 1 stale sandwich. All of you are very special to me. You make me think, you make me laugh, and you make me learn.

My Best,

Your Aunt Mark

- 27 Mar 2017

Isn't he the most ?

I always want to read the title of this thread as "Weekend outrage." Don't ask me why; it has nothing to do with the present situation . . .

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