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Wegner J16 black Rocking Chair 1968

- 07 Jan 2018 -
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I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I was hoping for some advice. We are looking to sell an old family rocking chair and after investigation believe it to be a Wegner J16 in black from 1968 (based on stamp under arm rest). The chair is in really solid condition with no loose joints or cracked spindles etc. There are various paint chips and I suspect the chair was repainted at some point. Cord seat also appears in good condition, no tears only slight water mark. Can anyone advise where we can sell in its unrestored state and what kind of value it might achieve. Attached a couple of photos for reference.

Thanks in advance


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- 07 Jan 2018

You are correct, this is not really the place. If you read the rules when posting you would see that valuations and advertising are not allowed on the forum.

Besides, this is a really complex question that hinges on many variables. Your best bet is to search out completed auctions (Ebay, Etsy, auction houses, etc.) to find your range of prices. You cannot use the prices on retail sites like 1st Dibbs, Charish, etc. as they are typically inflated 300-500%. Of course, location, condition, and luck will also play a large part in the price you could hope to realize. Experience with buying and selling vintage furniture, is something that takes time to master, so you may need to come to the realization that you are going to have to sell it where you can, for what you can. Maximization is not something you will likely achieve, especially with the condition issues you have pointed out that the chair has, primary of which is that it has repainting that has been performed. Good luck!

- 07 Jan 2018

I've seen these with original black finish that is chipping so that doesn't necessarily mean the chair has been repainted. More info (in the form of well-focused closeup photos taken in good light) is needed before this can be determined.

- 07 Jan 2018


All rocking chairs should mandatorily have patina and chips. And nervous cats. and Hi miles. I actually have a friend who sits in an Eames rocker (indian style), and peels potato's for many hours at a time (daily)... Sometimes clad in a Sears poncho. WE just don't know why?? I fine man with a knife. Handsome,too.


Aunt Mark

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