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What's your Mahogany Association Number?

- 18 Sep 2006 -
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If you have a piece of mahogany furniture made prior to 1969, it probably has a Mahogany Association sticker on it certifying that it's genuine mahogany and not a lesser wood dyed to resemble mahogany. These stickers also bore a number that was meant to be used exclusively by that manufacturer.

As far as I know, that list of numbers and corresponding manufacturers has been lost. If you have one of these stickers, please post your number and the manufacturer of your piece--or, if you don't know the manufacturer, just post the number on your Mahogany Association sticker and any information (pics would be helpful) you have about the piece.

The goal is to reassemble that list so that anyone with a Mahogany Association sticker will be able to identify its manufacturer.

Sound fun? I'll go first.


- 18 Sep 2006

422 = Gordon's Fine Furniture
I have a kidney-shaped mahogany coffee table that bears a Mahogany Association, Inc. sticker with the number 422. The manufacturer of my table was Gordon's Fine Furniture, Johnson City, TN.

- 06 Oct 2006

I have a full size...
I have a full size bed,dresser, mirror,and chest. The number is 332 and the manufacturer, I assume is Hungerford of Memphis, TN. There is also a tag in the dresser with the number SO 78028.

- 06 Mar 2007

Mahogany Assoc. #
My husband and I were given a table that belonged to his grandparents. There is the #3806 on the underside. Additionally, the remaining portion of the sticker is "Imperial" Grand Rapids and I believe it is (Mi) The label refers to a penalty law #123 Mahogany Association, Inc. I am looking for any info about this piece of furniture. It is a table that 1/2 folds over onto the other 1/2 creating what i describe as a sofa table. The tabletop portion will also rotate to uncover a hidden compartment. The table part sits on what looks like a harp which is connected to the 4 legs. It has a scrolling design on the harp section.

I am not very knowledgable on the topic of furniture. I do know that is is a very nice table and unique.

Thanks for help...anybody.
D. Googe

- 29 Mar 2007

Mahogany Association number
I bought a small desk L-44" W-20" H- 30" with a branded logo of an Eagle that has The Company of Permo-weld Mastercraftsmen and a gold sticker that says it Genuine Mahogany and "under penalty of contract number 228" also the numbers S8824 D217628
and under the three drawers has the branded numbers 37 on the two side drawers and 37 A on the middle one.
Can anyone tell me what it all means?
I bought it at a garage sale for $2. but its badly scratched so im sanding it down and painting the top.

- 01 Apr 2007

228 = Permo-Weld Mastercraftsmen
The Mahogany Association label identifies your piece as being true mahogany, not another wood dyed to resemble mahogany. Each manufacturer in the association had its own unique number. Apparently 228 was the Mahogany Association number of 'Permo-weld Mastercraftsmen.'

- 02 Sep 2007

I have an oval shaped pink marble top table with this number

- 02 Jan 2008

mahogany association,inc.
I have a kidney shaped coffee table.You are able to release the leaves(one at each end)to have a drop leaf rectangle table.The piece has two labels inside the drawer,one being a red and gold crown with a green (crest?)seal with "Imperial""Grand Rapids Mich".Below that another sticker(Rectangler)stating-"the exposed structural parts and plywood faces guaranteed,GENUINE MAHOGANY(genuine mahogany grows only in West Indies,Tropical America,and West Coast Africa)This label issued under penalty contract.
Number 123
copyright usa

- 01 Feb 2008

demi-lune table number
I have a small demi-lune table with the number 123. Also, stamped in ink in larger numbers on the table bottom itself is the number 1522. There is no manufacturer information, but I see from other posts that it appears to have been made by Imperial Co. in Grand Rapids.
On closer inspection, I did see a tiny fragment of another sticker that is green with white (?) writing. I could make out the letters "mp" which are probably from "Imperial." I looked up this company and found this info:

Imperial Furniture Co., Grand Rapids (1903-1962)
founded by E.H. Foote
purchased by Bergsma Brothers, 1955

Also: "F. Stuart Foote...started Imperial Furniture Company, one of the largest makers of high-quality tables in the 1920s and '30s."

- 02 Feb 2008

Mahagony Association
I have a dining set that is labeled with the Mahagony Association, Inc. label with the number 126 and was made by the Rockford National Furniture Co. in Rockford, Ill.

- 07 Feb 2008

416 Magohany Assoc number
We have 4 dining chairs and one captain's chair. They all have Mahogany printed on the bottom, specifically 1"800 Chair Mahogany" & one with "1800 Arm Chair Mahogany." You can see where all 5 once had the Mahogany Association label, however the label has come off all but one chair. That one says: "All Exposed Parts guaranteed. Solid genuine Mahogany. Genuine Mahogany grows only in West Indies, Tropical America, and West Coast Africa. This Label issued under penalty contract #416. Mahogany Assocation Inc. Copyright USA." Any suggestions on how to determine value or age?

- 24 Feb 2008

542 = Hekman Furniture of Grand Rapids, MI
My husband just bought two tables with the Mahogany Association sticker on them and the number of the item is 542. The tables also have a sticker that say Hekman Furniture, Grand Rapids MI.

- 20 Apr 2008

What's your Mahogany Association Number?
My number is 127, I think the dresser is from the Tennessee area. Does anyone know what the metal "George Washington Bi-Centennial 1732-1932" means? This is also on the back of my dresser.

- 04 May 2008

413 By Victorian
I have just acquired two marble top end tables with the Mahogany Association Sticker with the number 413. One of the two has a Woodburned Stamp Mark "By Victorian". Any additional information would be appreciated!
Becky Sweet

- 12 May 2008

I have an 1884 mahogany asso. plant stand with a marble top. What is it worth?

- 23 Jun 2008

Hungerford of Memphis
I was given a solid mahogany bureau with the

mahogany assoc. inc. #332 on it.

It was made in 1948 by Hungerford of Memphis --- says so in the top drawer.

How can I find out it's worth.

Thank you for any help.

- 28 Jun 2008

night stand #332
I havea night stand #332, is this a set?

- 28 Jun 2008

night stand #332
I ahve a night stand #332, is this a set? Whatear was it made?

- 28 Jun 2008

#542 cool wavy chair
I am having trouble describing the chair, but here goes. It has a high back (more than the normal desk chair) and it is made from one piece of wood in a wave fashion. I love the chair and we have always used it as a desk chair. Any other info would be appreciated.

- 28 Jun 2008

To Quote
To quote the song:

'A picture paints a thousand words'

- 29 Jun 2008

And as we learned
on an unrelated post; lack of a picture launches a thousand missives :-)

- 10 Jul 2008

Mahogany Association
I have two dressers with the Mahogany Association sticker. The # is 204. They have big brass pulls. I had them refinished so they look mahogany, not the light color they were originally. What would they be worth? bkm

- 16 Jul 2008

Mahogany Association Numbers
I'm trying to price some of my grandmothers furniture and came across the Mahogany Assoication stickers. Does this make the furniture more valuable and where could I find out such information?


- 17 Jul 2008

It doesn't necessarily make it any more valuable. It just indicates that your piece is mahogany, not some other wood dyed to look like mahogany. Hope that helps.

- 22 Jul 2008

# 123 Rectangle Coffee Table
I have a rectangular coffee table with rounded corners that has the genuine mahogany sticker with number 123 and the number 2126 below it. It also has an Imperial Grand Rapids Michigan sticker.

- 22 Jul 2008

List to date Consolidating the list from above info:

123 Imperial Furniture Co Grand Rapids, MI

126 Rockford National Rockford, IL

228 Permoweld Mastercraft Unknown

332 Hungerford Memphis, TN

413 Victorian Unknown

422 Gordon's Fine Furniture Johnson City, TN

434 Pioneer Furniture Co. Detroit, MI

542 Hekman Grand Rapids, MI

To the posters who keep asking about the Mahogany Association Stickers, this is probably not the right website for your questions. Almost all of the furniture noted above ranges from true Victorian to the mahogany repro stuff of the 20's, 30's and 40's. That furniture, while pretty (in it's own way) and prevalent and ubiquitous, is not very valuable and the experts on this website are not that familiar with that era. What you own is readily available in every antique store from Tallahassee to Timbuktoo.

Here's a general rule of thumb because I have been looking at this stuff for 13 years: Sideboards, 600, (all prices are in US dollars and are the top prices you could expect at retail), china cabinets 700, dining tables 450, dining chairs 45, end tables 50, bow front chests 750, serpentine front chests, 650, fern stands/plant stands 100, nightstands in matching pairs 250 the pair, beds practically nothing except for matching twin posters 750 the pair. Bottom line, it's not designed well, it's just copies of old, old English and American stuff on its second go-round and it's everywhere. Sorry for the bad news. Take it to your local antique dealer on consignment and be happy if you get enough out of it for a nice meal.

- 22 Jul 2008

It seemed like a good idea
When I started this thread in '06, it seemed like a fun project to recreate the original list of mahogany association numbers. Instead, it's become intrusive as people register for this forum solely in the hope that they can learn the value of their pieces. I cringe a little every time it gets bumped back up to the top.

Should this thread just be deleted?

- 30 Jul 2008

S.R Hungerford
My maghogany sticker is number 332 and the manufacturer of the desk is S.R. Hungerford from Memphis TN

- 29 Aug 2008

mahogany folding diningroom table
I own a mahogany table built in 1937. The manufacture's name is The Brant Cabinet Works. It can seat approximately 16 people, and it's missing a couple of leafs.

If you could possibly tell me what's the value of this piece and does this company still around?

- 29 Aug 2008

mahogany folding diningroom table No.D 1033-03
I own a mahogany table built in 1937. The manufacture's name is The Brant Cabinet Works. It can seat approximately 16 people, and it's missing a couple of leafs.

If you could possibly tell me what's the value of this piece and does this company still around?

- 29 Aug 2008

Brandt Cabinet Works
Hagerstown, MD
Mahogany Association #155

via google

- 17 Sep 2008

mahogany association desk-gov. winthrop sec. & shelf
I just purchased a "Gov. Winthrop Sec. desk and shelf. It is in fair condition with work needed on the doors and possibly revarnished. It has the Mahogany Assoc. sticker, NO.134. Could you give me additional information on the history and refinishing work that must be done to make it a excellent piece of furniture. I paid $275.00.

- 19 Oct 2008

Tambour desk M.A. # 134
I have a mahagony tambour desk with the Mahogony Association Inc. number 134. It was purchased at Pray's Furniture Boston Mass probably between 1930 and 1950.

Attempting to discern its value.

- 19 Oct 2008

This thread is like herpes.

- 19 Oct 2008

Kill me
I know. I hate this thread. I hate it! And I'm to blame. Ugh. If Patrick and Alix don't remove this thread, I'm banishing myself from the DA message board in penance. I'm a leper. No, I'm Cain. I must wander among the foreigners. I'll take up with the I-Love-Wal-Mart message board. I know it won't compensate for the horror of this goddamned thread, but it's where I belong. Where I can do no more damage. Please, Patrick and Alix, please delete this thread. Don't let it return ever again!!

- 19 Oct 2008

You're already on probation for the Sarah Palin Crab thread. This means you'll be on double-secret probation, I'm afraid.

- 19 Oct 2008

is this just because of a google search?
I am surprised that someone, anyone would add to this without
reading the thread! weird...

(funny and oddly entertaining. :)

- 19 Oct 2008

Attention to all those checking in on the value of
Mahogany Association Number branded pieces.

Please read the thread in its entirety and then you will understand the next sentence quite well.

All M.A. pieces are worth between one dollar, whatever you paid for it, if you love it, and one million dollars!! There might be other sites that can render a more accurate assessment of its value.

Paging Brent: Clean-up on aisle five! Price check in aisle three! Customer needs assistance in the pick-up area! It has turned into a bit of an amusement, hasn't it?

- 22 Oct 2008

How do I join the Mahogany assocation?

- 22 Oct 2008

OOOO OOOOO me too!!! Me Too!!
Where do we sign up?

Brent, you are a good egg, and you know this is all gentle ribbing. It's like sitting out on the front porch and shooting the breeze.

- 22 Oct 2008

So glad to find this!
Hello, experts. I have recently acquired some things from my Great Aunt Edna's estate. I'm curious about this couch. The only label says "Gianni Saccheto di Frutta, Mahogany Association #666". How much is this couch worth and do any of you want to buy it? Thanks you so much!

- 22 Oct 2008

The Association
My 2009 Mahogany Association value guide lists the di Frutta at $19,00-$24,000. That's if the original, rare MHA label is still attached, which you say it is. How lucky you are, Riki, to have found such a gorgeous piece.

- 22 Oct 2008

Hi Riki
This is a meeting place for Mahogany Association enthusiasts. You indicate an association number of 666, but I see little evidence of actual Mahogany.

- 14 Feb 2009

Mahogany Association Chest-on-Chest #204
My Mahogany Association Chest-on-Chest #204 has the carved "curtains" on the columnar sides. I am going to refinish this outfit as I especially love the "curtains" which remind me of the Hollywood style furniture. I look forward to any comments or suggestions you all may have! maria

- 18 Feb 2009

@332 dresser and mirror Hungerford, Memphis
can you tell me anything about this piece. thanks. jo ann

- 28 Feb 2009

this tread-mahogany association
Rare STicker. The number of Mahogany association stickers is equal to the number of furniture/antique dealers who are rude and have no ethics. That would be over 1,000,000 dealers/collectors or 99%.

No one ever wants to help anyone out in the antique world. Why? They are money grubbers. They would steal a piece right under a dead body if they thought they could make $500. Unless you are willing to pay these so called experts, and I use this term lightly, stop asking for prices. Just go down to your local antique store bend over and hope for vaseline.


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