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Who designed this 'Clover Lamp'?

- 10 Apr 2013 -
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Hey forum,

anyone know who designed this mysterious vintage floor lamp? Cast iron bottom is marked 'Clover Lamp L44'. Any leads or info would be great.


- 10 Apr 2013


I dont know who m...

I dont know who made your lamp but I have a similar one. I have been looking for a maker as well. Mine is on a swingarm but the shade is the similar.

- 11 Apr 2013

your shade is completely different!
Anyway, Clover lamp company it is American : this is what I found:

Clover Lamp Company designed high quality commerical and residential lamps in the 1960s and 70s and are known for their unusual and Italian-inspired design. Many of their designs take after similar work in Italian lighting firms such Reggiani and Arteluce

- 12 Apr 2013

I understand that, but the la...
I understand that, but the lamp fixture itself is very similar.

- 12 Apr 2013

Thanks jbtirza
wasn't sure if 'Clover Lamp' was the company or just the name of this particular product. Although I'm a little disappointed to hear that it's only 'Italian inspired' , it's great to uncover some history from what would have otherwise been just a nameless 'retro' lamp.

Can I ask where you get your info? I'd love to dig up even more specs on this product, its other color/material options and how much it originally sold for back then. But again thanks so much for your help.

- 08 Feb 2018

Clover Lamp was a company located in Royersford, PA and with showroom in High Point NC and New York City. Lamps were developed/designed and marketed by Mr. Albert Green, who was the owner/president and/or Jeremy Green, his son and vice president of marketing. There were other people involved in the design, market analysis and development of products. Sadly Clover Lamp Co. closed its doors shortly after Mr. Green passed.

- 08 Feb 2018

Heya JosephB

Are you connected to the Greens? Do you have any more info or catalogs or trade materials?

- 23 Feb 2018

No. I am not connected to the Greens any more. I worked for Clover Lamp in their Systems Department as a freshly minted programmer back in 1985. I stopped working late in 1990 or 1991 when the company closed. I would imagine Jeremy Green still holds the name but I couldn't tell you. I don't have any more information or trade materials. I do have some paper listings of some of the software programs used.

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