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Who designed this chair? Olsen, Juhl, Jalk?

- 06 Jul 2009 -
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I've seen people saying it's designed by either Hans Olsen, Finn Juhl or Grete Jalk. Does anyone know?


- 06 Jul 2009

I've seen it attributed to...
I've seen it attributed to Hans Olsen & Elias Barup (together, not either or.). But I'm not sure in any way...

- 06 Jul 2009

The top chair is called Model...
The top chair is called Model 55 as it was designed by Hans Olsen in 1955 for N. A. Jørgensens Furniture Company.

The two colourful chairs seem to be heavely inspired by Hans Olsen's original design but I don't think that they have anything to do with him.

- 06 Jul 2009

Second chair
Is often referred to as Kodawood chair. I guess Kodawood was a manufacturer of them?

- 07 Jul 2009

I found this online
Kodawood seems to be a manufacture in Miami. Not sure about the designer though.

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