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Who was David Douglas and What Was Accalac?

- 08 Oct 2008 -
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So I'm standing in this thrift store near the end of the earth and I find these four plastic goblets with a one inch smooth ribbon around the top, a textured surface for gripping, and one of those unmistakable, two-color asterisk-like patterns on the side and I say to myself, "Self, this is just about more late 60s early 70s than just about anything I've ever seen and not necessarily in a good way, but still in a way that I cannot resist picking up and handling."

So I pick this goblet up, it being one of four forlorn bits of modernity on the shelf full of mugs from China, and lo and behold, when I turn it over, it reads: designed by David Douglas and claims it is made of something called Accalac.

So I go home and check EBay for David Douglas and I find tons of his stuff listed on EBay with no one buying a single piece of it.

So I search DA and his name comes up, like, no where.

So I say maybe if I post the following question on DA maybe someone will have heard of this person and tell me why he was privileged to design so much stuff and to have his name on put on it and, well: who was David Douglas and What Was Accalac?


- 08 Oct 2008

weird bottle, body has the...
weird bottle, body has the strangest texture...
i myself don't know the designer, or even the material...

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