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Zenith Eames side chair?

- 22 Jan 2014 -
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I picked this shell up over the weekend and was interested if anyone could give me more information. I tried searching past threads and found a lot of great information but just could not seam to find an answer on this stamp. I picked this up in a store in Texas and it was among a stack of 12 or so shells but none of them had bases anymore so I am not sure what was originally on it. It has no embossing or Herman Miller logos on it but it does have a silver stamp on it that I believe reads "Zenith 3 Prime". It also has some numbers stamped below. Can anyone tell me anymore info?

Zenith Eames side chair?


- 27 Jan 2014

Has anyone..
Has anyone seen this stamp before? Could it just be a stamp from a school or college or is from the factory? Thanks for any help.

- 19 Jun 2017

Did you ever find out anything about this stamp? I just picked up a very similar chair today, except mine has a 10. Very interested to see what it means.

- 19 Jun 2017

I did a Google image search and found a few of these Zenith Eames chairs with stamps, but nothing like yours. Did you figure it out yet? I'm curious as well.

- 19 Jun 2017

I've found nothing so far. It's a really peculiar piece the stamp clearly says Zenith Prime, it's the correct color and material of an Eames chair but the top is much more rounded than any other eames side chair I've seen. I'm kinda leaning towards it being not authentic, but who knows?

- 05 Jul 2017

That certainly looks like a chair to me, Ryan. But not by an Eames...

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