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Before and After

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- 10 Dec 2012

I found this desk in the garbage and restored it. It had obviously been used as a "crafts" table. Here are some before and after pics. I think it's an early Jens Risom, but I'm not sure. Anyone recognize it? Does anyone have any other good before and after photos?


- 10 Dec 2012

Nice !
Looks like cherry ?

- 10 Dec 2012

What finish did you put on it?

- 10 Dec 2012

Knoll desk
I think your desk is by Florence Knoll

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- 10 Dec 2012

Could it be that
portions of this desk were originally painted ?

- 10 Dec 2012

Early Jens Risom or Florence Knoll?
I don't think it had any original paint. The green paint had been put on pretty crudely. It's solid wood, not veneer, and whoever made it made an effort to match the grains. I don't think it's cherry. I lean toward maple because there are some nice curly striations in the grain on the drawers. But I'm not a wood expert.

I've seen it posted as both a Florence Knoll and a Jens Risom. Here's the Jens Risom link.

- 10 Dec 2012

Same desk, mistakenly attributed to Risom?

- 12 Dec 2012

To other furniture restorers out there
Does anyone else have any before and after pics of pieces they've worked on?

- 12 Dec 2012

I posted this in another thread
Brown & Saltman dresser. Was really beat up. Not so bad now.

Still needs those funky brass caps on the legs...

- 12 Dec 2012

one of my more dramatic turnarounds
I got this Vincent Cafiero chair (1969, i think) at an auction and had my doubts about whether it was worth the effort, but then I determined that the construction lent itself to pretty simple reupholstering---so I dove in. (Apologies to those who've already seen this.)

It had wool or maybe nylon, hopsack on the face of the seat and back, with black vinyl on the arms and outside back. And seat edges. Plus, the duct tape. And the dirt, and the tears and crunchy latex foam. And mildew, lots of mildew.

I redid it with latex foam and it was exquisitely comfortable. I'd have kept it except I don't work at a desk ever and I just couldn't see hanging on to it. But dang if I had a need, I'd still have it! (Fabric is Knoll's Classic Boucle.)

- 12 Dec 2012

I accuse
photoshop! No way that's the same chair. Wow, that took vision. Nice results.

- 12 Dec 2012

I must have missed this
the first time, so I'm glad you decided to post again, Spanky. Really, really nice work.

- 12 Dec 2012

That before/after cracks me up, spanky.
I remember seeing those before. The chunks of padding littering the floor are especially effective! Nice work on a nice chair.

And a nice job by you as well, garlanre. Maple, or birch even, might be good guesses. Whichever, the desk should darken nicely in time.

- 13 Dec 2012

The stuff on the floor is actually bits of foam peanuts from something else. The stuffing would have been that awful yellow powder from the crunchy latex!

Thanks, Riki. Once I got the dirty stuff off, it was pretty fun to work on. I did another one later but it wasn't quite as dramatic.

- 13 Dec 2012

Nice work,
Spanky. It's a great-looking chair -- now !

I detected the red-and-green tints in that desk, which always makes me think of cherry. Admittedly, those subtle tones don't always make it through even a clear finish . . .

The wild grain in just one drawer front, and one end of the top, led me to think it might have been painted. The photo of another uncolored one settles my mind on that fantasy. Many manufacturers couldn't make it if they rejected every odd piece of wood -- I guess ?

- 20 Dec 2012

Is the new paints?
I felt its shape did not change,and use new paint.

- 20 Dec 2012

yes, it has been painted..
color from the 'solid woods' series.

- 24 Dec 2012

Are you talking about the Knoll desk?
I don't understand the last two posts. Are you referring to the Knoll desk and SDR's suggestion that it might have been originally painted? If so, please say more.

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