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are these authentic knoll parallel bar chairs?

- 25 Nov 2017 -
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So I just purchased these two chairs. The fabric appears to be vinyl. To my untrained eye they seem to be knoll parallel bar chairs. Somewhere along the line someone has removed the labels and the bottom dust cover fabric.

Does anyone out there know these chairs well enough to know if I have the real deal? From comparisons against photos on line it seems like they are, but I thought someone here might know.

Also, does anyone know of all of the silver metal bars were chrome? One of these the chrome is in good shape, on the other one it is in such bad shape that I wonder if it is really chrome, or what.

There are a few minor problems with these but, they seem comfortable and in ok shape. There are a couple tears in the vinyl that I am not sure how to deal with either.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone...


are these authentic knoll parallel bar chairs?
United States
1950 - 1959


- 26 Nov 2017

I don't own this chair but just comparing to detailed photos on 1stdibs listings, they look legit to me. It's hard to imagine a knockoff that is that true to detail that the general population probably doesn't care about.

For future reference, it will be most helpful if you can take photos from the same height as the chair so that it's easier to see the side profile, a true front view, and a true back view. When you are standing, the camera is 4-6' off the floor instead of 2' and the images of the chair end up distorted. IPhones are worse than cameras, I think. More lens distortion.

I don't know that much can be done with splits in vinyl, unfortunately. There are some patching glue-like products but they're not something you'd wanna use on fine furniture. The seats in an old pickup truck--sure! But not so much a Knoll chair.

- 26 Nov 2017

Thanks for your comments Spanky. Yeah I am really not sure what to do about the tears. I would like to recover them, but I am not sure I should just take them to the local upholsterer, seems like a lot of detail that needs to be accurately replicated. If anyone knows someone in so cal who has experience with these chairs let me know.


- 26 Nov 2017

I will probably just enjoy them as is for a while and maybe the old vinyl will grow on me.

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