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can anyone identify this atelier chair?

- 26 Dec 2012 -
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can anyone identify this chair and give me any information about it the only identifying mark is on the back which is imprinted in the leather is atelier, any information would be appreciated!


- 26 Dec 2012

It's an Atelier chair.

What do I get ?

- 26 Dec 2012

Just turned
70. Not a collector. Sorry I couldn't help


- 27 Dec 2012

thank you
thanks for the info i tried looking on the net with no luck, looks like its in the USA, i was imagining italy, thanks very much for that much appreciated.

- 27 Dec 2012

It's okay --
you don't want it anyway -- the legs have split.

How about a nice DCM ? They seem quite popular nowadays . . .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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