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- 25 Aug 2017

Quite the tease.

If the intended reaction thought was "Gee, I didn't know there were rosewood paws," then I am guilty as charged.

- 25 Aug 2017

I was not trying to be smart, i just thought it would be cool and educational to see the underside of one.
They are rare in Rosewood but i have had four of them in the past two years, so they are out there.
I am currently storing one for a friend and noticed that the paw was loose.
It have indeed been sanded down Leif, and quite heavyhandedly as well.
Needs some laquer to be good again.

The legs are almost always beech on these, often stained, or oak when oak paws are fitted, but i see all kind of mixed legs and paws.
There were also several different manufacturers for the Papa Bear but not sure if there was a system/logic to the different woods.

- 25 Aug 2017

I know of only AP Stolen, who closed down in the late 70s and PP Møbler who manufactured the Papa Bear. Is there another maker?

- 25 Aug 2017

I have had examples with both Johannes Hansen and L. Chr. Larsen & Søn labels.
I believe both were early ones from the 50´s.

- 26 Aug 2017

On PP Møbler's website, there is a timeline of Wegner's work. It is not very detailed, or overly complete, but it is better than nothing. It mentions this:

By the end of the 70'ies, Ry Møbler and A.P. Stolen close. JH now takes over production rights for Wegner's upholstered furniture.

I would suggest that this might account for the Johannes Hansen marked Papa Bear. And this wouldn't be an epoch of great sales, so it would pretty easily slip through the cracks. Which Johannes Hansen mark does the chair have?

As for L. Chr. Larsen, that is more complicated. There are pieces known that we would expect to have seen made by Carl Hansen that bear this label instead. It is not known why. Carl Hansen's company bio is quite detailed and does not mention it, not does it mention the company at all, but it does mention that -parts- of the Wishbone were subcontracted (the rear legs I think) to other companies. So maybe L. Chr. Larsen was subcontracted to make whole chairs at one point. Or perhaps salesco briefly brought the company on to take on surplus demand. I don't believe that L. Chr. Larsen was ever the sole licensed maker, though.

I have also seen a Wishbone with an uncommon Johannes Hansen mark on it, and in a weird location. I have no idea how that came to pass. Carl Hansen is still in business, so JH never took over the license, like with AP. Perhaps, if there is a legitimate reason for the JH mark on that chair it is analogous to the reason that there are L. Chr. Larsen marked chairs. So perhaps the Papa Bear with a JH mark could have come to exist for this reason.

- 29 Aug 2017

Leif, the JH mark was a metalplate with the Wegner signature.
I got it from the original owners daughter that said it was bought in the late 50's.
But memorys fade quickly so this could of course be wrong and its a later chair.

Regarding the Chr. Larsen chair i think you are correct, that he was only making the chair under contract from perhaps AP stolen.
I have attached a pic of the label.

- 29 Aug 2017

I don't believe JH was doing the metallic labels with HW signature in the 50's. I'm not sure when that exactly started, but they are mostly associated with 70's and 80's production.

- 29 Aug 2017

I actually just found a pic of the label.
The "Danish" medallion was next to it so that rules out the 50's i guess.

- 29 Aug 2017

Interesting. I've never seen a DFC logo and Johannes Hansen mark together. That DFC logo can't date to any later than 1983, and that might be too late a cutoff for it. 1983 is when it became the Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control at least according to USA trademark filings. There is reason to believe the USA trademark filing could have been a few years after the fact as well. The original DFC logo was not trademarked until 1962, but came into existence in 1959.

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