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danish wall unit

- 03 Nov 2007 -
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so, the wife and i have had tremendous luck lately on craigslist. we recently found a herman miller css for $100 with a whole slew of shelves. and also managed to rescue a tulip table from the same people (it was outside with a grill on it... such a crime!). then just a few days later, we stumbled upon another wall unit. i was hoping someone on here might be able to help me identify the designer and/or the company who made it. not that we intend to sell or anything (it's fabulous by the way), but it would be nice to at least know a little about it.

there's a desk, a cabinet with drawers, a smaller, single drawer and a couple of small to medium sized shelves. this thing is well engineered. genius in fact. it's all wood with wooden pegs that slide into slanted holes (see pics). there is no real maker's mark or anything aside from a few original "Made in Denmark" stickers and some of the shelves have been stamped MADE IN DENMARK. so, on my greatest of days i might guess that this is danish... and it looks amazing... but that's about all i can come up with at this point.

are there any true danish wall unit aficionados out there who might be able to help identify?

if so, please feel free to email me (

thanks so much...


- 03 Nov 2007

don't know but it's sweet
Don't know who made it, but it's really a beautiful wall unit!

Lucky you...enjoy it!

- 03 Nov 2007

Poul Cadovious
Hi there and congratulations on your find.

The system is known as the CADO system after Poul Cadovious who designed and made it.

Superb system which came in teak / oak / rosewood and walnut.
An very rare version exists in oregon pine where 6 planks interlink to form a large back panel and contrast the rosewood shelves cabinets etc.

In 20 years i have only ever seen 1 in oregon pine and that was 10 years ago.

The walnut is seldom seen as it was much lesser favoured than rosewood and teak but nevertheless a functional and superb system.

I was told by a friend who installed these for customers of HEALS, London that in 1965 when it came out the Danish sales person who brought it to heals climbed up the shelves to give a visual proof of its strength.

Simon Harrison
Danish Homestore

- 03 Nov 2007

is it really a CADO though?
we first thought it was a CADO too, but after doing a little but of research, it seemed like all of the CADO units had some sort of a metal shelf arm that connected to metal wall braces. these are all wood. not a piece of metal to be found.

could it just be that ours is a little older than the ones we're seeing? i haven't been able to find anything listed specifically as CADO that's made of all wood.

thanks for the help though. and you have some great stuff on your website. i love that 6-drawer rosewood desk. shipping would be a bear though...

- 03 Nov 2007

I can guarantee tha what you have there is CADO.

The one you refer to is most likely FM by Kai Kristiansen

which has a metal hook in the back of the shelf which hinges into the aluminum wall bracket.


- 03 Nov 2007

thanks simon
this helps to at least know what we have if we do ever choose to sell (which probably won't ever happen)


- 03 Apr 2008

Identify CADO-like system?
Can someone help me identify a CADO-like system?

I have had in storage a unit which is clearly designed in the same manner, but has some minor differences between what I've seen in the CADO system. I'm hoping you can help me identify it.

Basically, I have a teak-veneered wall unit consisting of six shelves (one 40 cm deep + five 25 cm deep), two four-drawer blocks (each 40 cm deep X 50 cm high X 80 cm wide), one fold-out desk block (40 cm deep X 40 cm high X 80 cm wide), and one cabinet block (40 cm deep X 50 cm high X 80 cm wide). This is very similar to the CADO system in that all of these components attach to vertical wooden rails/brackets mounted 80 cm apart. One difference I've noted is that while the CADO system uses wooden pegs that insert into the front of those vertical rails/brackets, my system uses brass pegs that insert into the sides. Moreover, the blocks hang from these pegs via steel brackets that protrude from the back and top of the blocks. Lastly, the only identifying mark on any of these pieces is "Made in Denmark"

I'm looking to sell this unit soon, but would appreciate any help you can provide in properly identifying it. The unit is in generally good condition (some scratches and sun damage).


- 03 Apr 2008

Beautiful Cado unit...
Beautiful Cado unit Dandelauro!
Another version has a brass wire for shelf supports.
And thanks for posting pictures. It is the best way to get a good

If you google Poul Cadovious, you will find many more examples to
help with your education in this great piece and confirm that it is Cado.
(or is it Cadovius) Enjoy! i'm envious.
I passed one up five years ago. A 20ft wall of it. Now i have room for it but
can't find one for less than 5 grand.

- 03 Apr 2008

Oh, sorry John. You will...
Oh, sorry John. You will find your unit as well on one of the sites.
I don't have the link handy, but if you have trouble, ask again and i will
check my other computer when i get home...(bookmarks)
One seller in Denmark keeps a good archive of all past transactions with
photos. Royal System i believe had the metal brackets? But he seems to
cover many other designers shelving as well.

- 04 Apr 2008

any help appreciated
I found this thread while searching for info about a wall unit that was given to me. I hope someone here may be able to help me identify it. I would really appreciate any information! (Sorry if the photo is large - I've had problems posting it.)

- 04 Apr 2008

Looks like Cado again...
Looks like Cado again TS.
The brackets seem to have the correct angle. A unit with more variation is
much more desirable, but still nice.
(photo is a bit blurry)
Google Poul Cadovius. You can compare with better photos.

- 04 Apr 2008

Thank you for the response!...
Thank you for the response! Looks like I ended up making the photo a bit small. I inherited this and cannot use it. There are some other pieces that appear to go with it. (several drawers, a few more shelves, and one very large piece that unfortunately has some water damage on a corner).

I would like to sell it but just have no idea of the approximate value. Even though I've googled extensively and have found similar looking items, I'm still in the dark about exactly what it is worth.
Any suggestions?

- 04 Apr 2008

Another Photo
Here is a photo from another angle. Possibly still blurry, but without as much glare on the glass. There are keys in the lower cabinets.

- 05 Apr 2008

here is my CADO system
here is my CADO system

- 05 Apr 2008

Here is my CADO System :(
Here is my CADO system :(

*still living in a building site*

- 18 Apr 2008

Poul Cadovius
Does anybody out there knows where to find biographic elements about Poul Cadovius ?
I think that he became manager of the famous France&Son manufacture and I've seen some furniture with the two labels "Cado" and "France&Son".

- 18 Apr 2008

France & son to CADO
Hi Pascal

France & son was bought by Poul Cadovious in 1964 hence the name of both on some pieces.

I was told by a client who knew cadovious that he liking of the bottle is partly to blame for the demise of the company.

I dont know of any biography at this time.

- 30 Apr 2008

Need a wall rail for Cado System
I need sufficient rails to be able to mount two 22" high cabinets which means I could get by with three 22" high standards. The wood I prefer is walnut or teak, but I will really take anything. Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain this?


- 03 May 2008

Trust me, you aren't the...
Trust me, you aren't the only one looking. I've been searching off and on for a few months. I have two cado cabinets that I got at the goodwill for $20 each. One is the desk unit where the front door folds down and the other is the two drawer unit one. They are being used right now as side tables around my sofa. They make very nice-looking side tables as well...perfect height and all. So you can still find a use for part of the Cado system until you find the mounting rails. I actually quite like them as the end tables and might just buy a whole new Cado system when I get the dough and keep using those two cabinets as side tables.

- 03 May 2008

This ebay seller is...
This ebay seller is listing a unit in parts...
The royal, with the metal brackets.
(very odd to attempt to sell a unit in bits and pieces)

I passed up a large unit 5 years ago in a small Brooklyn shop.
I had no place for it at the time, but now have been looking for
two years since moving into my little MCM beauty. (the original owners
took theirs with them along with a custom Nakashima sideboard...:(
a hand chiseled notch in the cedar molding is a constant reminder).

I'm randomly obsessed and see the odd rail or bracket on ebay.

- 21 May 2008

CADO system for sale
I have not yet listed on EBay

All in walnut in almost 100% perfect condition

5 twelve inch shelves
7 fifteen inch shelves
4 eighteen inch shelves
1 Bar Cabinet
1 Writing Desk Cabinet
1 Hanging Files Storage Cabimet
7 Seventy two inch poles
All wooden brackets to install shelving on poles

Email me for more info plus Pics

Located in Minnesota MN

Was made into two sections (3 poles with two sections in each section)---so complete had 4 indivudual sections

Will only sell in sections, not by piece level

- 09 Jul 2008

Cado Rosewood bar unit
The Cado PS stuff seems to be getting harder to find and more expensive all the time. I have a bar unit that I am not using if anyone is interested in it, to swap for another bit, or to buy at a reasonable price. Have posted some photos for you folks to see. Its in great condition, and the lighting works fine - turns on when the bar front drops down. No sun damage to it really at all, unlike most of my other units, like you can see in the background.

Am really after a couple of 3 drawer units and some wall runners if anyone knows of any.

- 26 Aug 2008

Cado - PS sytem (and which is easier to find...)
So just to clarify - is the "PS System" also designed by Cadovius? Recently I cam across the Cado Royal (with wire brackets) and a "PS System" - which I didn't know was a Cado piece. Is it?

Does anyone have opinions as to which are easier to find: pieces for the Cado Royal or a non-wire-bracket PS Sytem (both in rosewood)? I'm considering one or the other but will want to add to it eventually....if that's even possible, given their scarcity!

- 26 Jan 2010

I have both
Yes. Cado has wood bracets and Royal Systems has brass bracets. I know because I have both of them in my house.
They were made by the same company.


- 07 May 2010

Wall unit designer...
I have the same type of issue. I bought a walnut wall unit on Craigslist a few weeks ago. I had no idea what type is was--I just know I loved it. After some research, I thought it was a CADO sytem. It has wooden poles and hidden wire supports. But the shelves don't look like the CADO systems I've found on the web. The shelves and some of the modules look more like the Kai Kristiansen systems, except I can't seem to find any that have *wooden* poles. It may be a different designer. I don't really care, since I'm keeping it (links to photos included), but I'd like to solve the mystery.

More about this system: It's freakin' HUGE. Six bays, 8 modules, 13 shelves of various depths. It also has 2 modules with caned doors, which I've not seen on the web. The guy who sold it to me had taken it out of his Seattle house about 10 years ago intending to put it back some day. He had it stored in his garage, and finally just wanted to clear out the space. $175. Crazy.

Any help appreciated! john d

- 08 May 2010

Looks like my Barzilay. It should be labeled as such somewhere. I would appreciate more info too, if someone has more.

- 10 May 2010

Is that a France & son Hvidt corner table poking out in the corner? Love that table!

- 10 May 2010

Ah Yes!
a Peter Hvidt 'Minerva' corner table, and the matching end table ( I have the sofa too)

well spotted ;)

- 09 Jul 2010

Cado wall system - walnut or rosewood
I am looking for additional shelves and wooden brackets.
Thank you.

- 09 Jul 2010

Try the link posted below.
I'm looking for a key to the drop down desk.
You should also post in the radar section here.
It has a listing for 'wanted' items.
(i can't figure out how to post on it yet)

I may have to beg for a key to borrow, cast it, and send
back. Easy for me to do and i could make multiples.

- 30 Jul 2010

Found a key that works, top right.
Made one with a shorter stem and simple ring shape
taken from another key...

- 31 Jul 2010

No. I have lots of keys and none worked. Borrowed a friends ring of keys
and nothing worked. Maybe it was impatience, but i re-visited the first set
of keys and the most simple of them

- 31 Jul 2010

What really blew my gasket is finding this photo after i went through the
key search. But i did cast this style ring without seeing this.
Just posting this for anyone else needing the same.

- 07 Feb 2011

System Cado was all wood
Yes, Cado systems were made in all wood. Called "System Cado" it has wooden brackets and was more expensive than the Royal Cado systems at the time we bought ours in the late 1960's. We have the original brochure and a 4-bay system we are selling. We're in N. California. Anyone interested?

- 07 Feb 2011

cado lamp
anyone know anything about a cadovious royal system RS50 aluminium plant lamp?

- 07 Feb 2011

Can anyone confirm that the...
Can anyone confirm that the "System Cado" and the "Royal Cado" systems were sold alongside each other with the former being the more expensive "premium" model? I have been under the impression that the System Cado was an update to the original design, not an upgrade. If that's true, then I think it is a bit funny that I far prefer the Royal design to the all-wood System Cado.

- 21 Feb 2011

Freestanding Wall Unit
I am so glad I found this site!! I have been unable to identify the wall unit that I have. It is a freestanding unit with all of the basic characteristics of the wall mounted type. The back track is "cut out" and finished to fit in front of a baseboard. The top shelf hangs with the metal type bracket on brass dowels coming out of the inside of the tracks.

The entire unit is about 6 1/2 feet tall. The cabinet with the glass doors also has a glass shelf that fits inside(I removed to gain height inside). The bottom cabinet has 4 drawers. Both cabinets hang over brass dowels on the tracks. There is no mark on any of the pieces that I can locate. I have not been able to find any other units that have the diamond style frosted glass sliding doors like mine, nor have I found one that has the "baseboard cutout."

I have posted some pics -sory about how fuzzy they are!
Any help identifying something about this piece would be appreciated. I would really like to find additional modules and or/units.

- 23 Feb 2011

cado in oak??
just curious...came across a wall unit on cragislist that is a dead ringer for the Cado style but is stated as being made in oak...had never heard of one in oak...but for 5 cabinets, one bookcase and one shelf costing $150 it warrants some attention...just wanted to know if anyone might know if they were made in oak or if some of the competitors made them in this material and who they are....we are currently outfitted with walnut and teak so i dont think it'd go well...but i might have to consider it..............

- 24 Feb 2011

Need Cado System wall mounts
I have an original 1969-vintage CADO Royal System in teak with three spring poles. I want to install it in a new situation where mounting directly to the wall is preferred, so I need three wall mounting strips about six feet long, preferably in teak. Would consider other woods as well. Glad to purchase or would consider trade for spring poles. Would also consider purchasing two teak full-width wall-mounted back panels if their price is not out of sight.

(please use the Radar (not the forum) if you want to purchase or trade items)

- 25 Feb 2011

Sell, not buy
Sorry about that. I read several previous postings that were offering similar items for sale or looking to buy or barter, so my posting seemed entirely within bounds to me!

- 26 Feb 2011

cado unit
related question

while cruising for stuff today came across a CADO wall unit, not shelves, a free standing guy (will post pictures later). It was a bit beat, some dings, some separation of veneer. Should I bother? I loved it but found the idea of renovating it challenging/intimidating/tiring.

- 01 Mar 2011

how much is it...if you get it for a good price you could easily double down and sell it to someone who will appreciate it and know what it is??? save beautiful furniture from eventually finding its way to the landfills! :/ thats how i have been justifying my excessive spending and refinishing of furniture HAH!


- 02 Mar 2011

Selling Advice
I have a System Cado unit that I want to sell. Can anyone suggest the best place to sell it? Also, what would be a reasonable price range?

Teak, 3 sections consisting of 4 - 91 1/4" long spring poles, all wood brackets, 1 - 15" deep cabinet w/ sliding doors, 1 - 15" deep shelf, 6 - 12" deep shelves and 4 - 8 3/4" deep shelves In very good condition, but has some small scratches.


- 02 Mar 2011

cado unit
I think it's around #130 or so. CHEAP. I am investigating renting out a storage/work area where I can store things and/or work on things. If I DO, I will probably pick it up. I hate seeing good stuff meeting such a grim fate...

for some reason this one thrift store is beat up MCM central

- 02 Mar 2011

Danish Wall Unit?
Wouldn't a Danish Wall Unit necessarily be a wall unit used to serve and display danishes?

You hardly ever see them in bakery's...

- 21 May 2012

Interior Systems - Tacoma WA
John D - I know it's been ~2-years since your posting but I am also in the Seattle area and just came across an 8-bay unit that has the saim suspended wire design. I mave many shelves in two different depths, unit for 33 1/3 albums, Phonograph, desk, and a drawer. This later piece has a label for Interior Systems out of Tacoma WA. Still looking for more info...

- 23 Jun 2012

Cado Brochure
Probably a shot in the dark but do you still have your original Cado brouchure?

Joe Eggleston


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