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eames wire chair - real or fake

- 12 Nov 2012 -
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hi, i have the chance to buy some of these chairs. i believe them to be real, is there anyone out there that could help me verify....
many thanks in advance
(hopefully i can get these pics uploaded....)


- 12 Nov 2012

My feeing is they are knock...
My feeing is they are knock offs. I have never seen those feet and the welds appear a little heavy. Also is that ultra suede bikini cover? Of course I could be wrong.

- 12 Nov 2012

bikini fabric
hi, yes the bikini is suede - is this possible on a genuine chair??
one more photo below...

- 12 Nov 2012

Looks like Vitra
The cover could be aftermarket.

- 12 Nov 2012

I've never seen an Eames gold-toned wire chair...let alone one with mauve suede cloth bikini's. They are probably Chinese...but I could be drunk. I would not want them.

But maybe I'm wrong.

- 12 Nov 2012

yes it is the lighting - poor photography
hi, thanks for the messages so far - i can confirm it is not gold tinted!

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