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ekornes chair parts; Modern Danish chair parts

- 04 Nov 2008 -
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I have an older Ekornes chair which I picked up in great condition for about 45 bucks here on Martha's Vineyard. It is the original model with the steel-tubing frame. I am looking for the two rotary handles on the side which allows you to reposition and tighten the chair at any angle through its range of motion.

I am also looking at refurbishing a Danish Modern chair. So I
am looking for the rubber slings that have let go in the frame. I don't know if anyone has looked up "chair parts" online recently, but if you do you will be deluged by a mountain of trash absolutely nothing about which you are searching. Which is why I turn to you. Any ideas anyone has would be great. Thank you.


- 05 Nov 2008

elastic webbing
I've gotten elastic webbing from the link below. Prices are very reasonable.

I've done chairs with the metal clips at the ends of the webbing that fit into grooves in the seat frame. They invariably pop out when someone is sitting in the chair (due to wear on the groove, I guess---the clip fits properly, just doesn't stay in). So i've given up on the clips and have been tacking the webbing directly to the seat frame. I know this is probably heresy to a lot of people but I'd rather have the chair and be able to sit in it than not have it at all, or have it in a non-functioning state. (These are not super-valuable chairs in the first place, either.)

- 05 Nov 2008

Tyr ekornes norway
Hi there

for the locking handles try contacting a local ekornes dealer or ekornes in norway.

The rubber strats can be a tricky

if you have the old ones and these are imprinted with a number like 325 or 345 then you need to contact for replacements.

If they are pirrelli webbing then you need to show the frame of the chair where they are attached and I can then guide you on the best solution.

There are clipped into the frame
Held in by beech dowel
stapled to frame

so the seat pan image will help a great deal.

Also you need to make a choice of elasticated webbing or pirrelli webbing.

the elasticated is rubbish for seats as it is too loose. It is ideal in backs / back rests.

- 05 Nov 2008

I picked up
a beautiful Peter Hvidt lounge chair for a steal because some prior owner had replaced the straps with his own belts. I am talking about his own personal old black and brown belts that go around his waist. They work great and I'm not going to replace them because I think they add character and everybody who sees them thinks they're a hoot!

- 05 Nov 2008

I'm looking for webbing for...
I'm looking for webbing for a Mathsson chair if anyone happens to know a source more reasonable than Dux?

- 05 Nov 2008

Some ideas for seat straps
You might try eBay vender ?


I have consistently found them to be the lowest priced supplier.

You may also search Jute webbing, but be sure to specify that you need natural non dyed, plain jute. There are many kinds and sizes of jute straps used for furniture and some are unsightly as they are intended for internal use where they are not seen.

Good luck

- 05 Nov 2008

This might be a shot in the dark,but you might try emailing someone like DTC in Mpls. All I know is.. they pick up Danish furniture in ALL sorts of conditions in Denmark and restore it in Minneapolis. I would assume they have a lot of parts... and I've seen similar furniture places in other cities that do the same thing... You could see if they have any of the parts you need, but it probably won't be cheap.

- 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for all of your splendid suggestions...
Thought it'd be ages before I got a reply. You've given me some options with regards to both chairs. Hehhehheh. I came across an ad on eBay for a "repair kit" for the danish chair (Item#: 160295567567). He made a mistake when he referenced the material "Elasbelt". I looked it up, and they sell this stuff for 79 cents a foot and $1.69 for ten hooks. He's selling a kit of 12 feet and 12 hooks for $50.00. Glad I didn't buy it! :) Keep your wits about you, folks!

Thanks alot for all your suggestions!

Chris C.

- 07 Nov 2008

I researched cotton webbing awhile back and found the place below. I ended up not needing any so I don't know about their service or quality of goods, but it may be worth looking into. Scroll down to the cotton webbing selections. A lot of it is too narrow but they do have some wider webbing in limited colors.

I would not do jute. Aside from its being not anything like the original, it is scratchy.

- 05 Nov 2013

chair parts
I have hte same chair and am looknig for the same grabber bits that slide along hte rails.

Were you able to find them?

- 16 Dec 2015

I'm in the same boat as the OP: needing to replace my two side rotary handles (used to keep the Stressless in a reclined position). Interweb searching has turned up little in terms of replacement parts. Does anyone have a lead on where I'd acquire these?

Thankfully, from visual searches, it would *appear* that these rotary handles (bushings?) are the same design from vintage Stressless models, to the contemporary ones being sold now. Can anyone attest to or contradict that statement? Actually, the actual "Stressless" logo adorns modern ones, while vintage models are plain black.

Thanks for any help or direction anyone can offer.

- 16 Dec 2015

The parts are not the same, though you may be able to make them work. But the older handles may still be available. Check with your local Ekornes dealer - they are good about keeping parts in stock.

- 14 Jul 2016

A person is machining the plastic parts for the locking handles and sells the pieces on Ebay. Look for 'Stressless Ekornes plastic chair parts (302185261574)'.

- 07 Sep 2017

Hello, I have an older chrome tube recliner and the grab bar wheels will not grab the slide bar anymore. I have contacted Ekornes here in the states and they do not have them available.

I would like to repair the grab wheels and am hoping maybe someone has done this. There are 2 hard rubber pads adhered inside the wheels that provide the grip. Over the years this rubber has just worn down and won't grip anymore.

Any ideas on how to rig up these wheels to grip the bar?


- 07 Sep 2017

Ekornes no longer supplies parts for chairs made prior to 2000. The wheels you refer to are called 'glide rail clamps'. Somebody in Australia is selling them on Ebay.

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