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for sale legs for a falcon chair

- 08 Mar 2011 -
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I have three legs , two back and one front . they are wood ...... the sling is canvas in very good shape ...... . the cushion is brown leather .....

(edited by DA , no sales on the forum, go to the Radar please)


- 08 Mar 2011

So basically you're trying to...
So basically you're trying to sell a broken Falcon chair for $660? When one on ebay hasn't even reached $450 seven consecutive times! Good luck with that.

- 08 Mar 2011

The idea of parting out a chair (especially one known for breaking) doesn't seem so unreasonable.

- 08 Mar 2011

This isn't the place for it b...
This isn't the place for it but yeah I agree, happens with vintage vehicles all the time, there are people who will pay a packet for an original carburettor when the thing as a whole appears a valueless wreck.

- 08 Mar 2011

Interesting take ,...
Interesting take , apparently no one here has a falcon chair or more to the point needs a leg . if you like a given piece of furniture and it's broken , can't buy the part from the company what do you do ? I thought I would do someone a favor and put some much needed $ in my pocket at the same time . I have never seen legs for sale for this chair any where . sorry If I've insulted anyone .

- 08 Mar 2011

Actually, if you use the...
Actually, if you use the search engine on the forum there have been a few request for Falcon chair parts, particularly legs

- 12 Apr 2011

chair leg
I need a front leg for my chair. What would you charge for just the front leg? Is yours in rosewood? Please reply to

- 14 Jun 2011

I am looking for a...

I am looking for a front leg (preferably rosewood) for my Falcon chair. Do you still have one available? Do you ship to Australia?

- 14 Jun 2011


The only thing you attempt to insult is my intelligence by saying that you are doing people a favor by selling them anything. You are trying to make money by circumventing the rules (to spend no money) and hoping that someone does you a favor by buying your product. A gift is a favor and a sale is a business transaction.

- 01 Dec 2012

Falcon chair parts
I have a falcon chair with a broken front leg. I can't find a replacement. The chair is available for free or any part of it as long as you pay the freight from NZ.

- 02 Dec 2012

Hi Pixie
I need one leg bolt, I'd prefer an original it possible. I would gladly pay all costs.

- 04 Dec 2012

If the parts of the falcon chair are still available and are rosewood, I could use one of the front legs. I will pay for shipping

- 10 Dec 2012

I'm after a clip
If anyone has a spare they would like to sell?

- 02 Jan 2013

Falcon chair parts
How do I tell if it is rosewood.

- 02 Jan 2013

Falcon chair parts
I can supply it. The ones I have have an alan-key head. Where are you - I will find out the cost of shipping and let you know.

- 21 Jan 2013

Rosewood is a dark reddish brown color.

- 23 Jan 2013

Hi Pixie, Dublin Ireland. It...
Hi Pixie, Dublin Ireland. It is the allen key bolt i am after, thanks. Killian.

- 10 Feb 2013

Bolt for falcon chair
Ok, where should I send it. Just to be sure, what is the length? Do you need the large washer?

- 23 Apr 2013

Any parts left Pixie?
Hi Pixie

Do you have any of the Falcon chair parts left? I need a front leg in particular but need a few other bits and pieces too. If you have anything please let me know.



- 13 May 2013

Any front legs still available?
The front leg of my falcon chair just broke. Do you have any front legs left? Seeking the rosewood version that goes with high back falcon chair. Really appreciate the response.

- 15 May 2013

Falcon Chair Spare Leg
I'm selling spares through the Design Radar section of this site....

- 14 Jul 2013

Flacon chair leg
I have everything except 1 broken front leg.

- 13 Sep 2013

falcon chair leg
I'm looking for a spare rosewood leg for my falcon chair.
Please if any body has any ideas as to where I can buy a new one it would
Be greatly appreciated

- 10 Dec 2013

falcon chair leg
Is the leg to your chair still available?

- 05 Feb 2014

I have I fair amount of...
I have I fair amount of parts for the falcon chair. Both the short and tall versions in rosewood. I have everything except for the leather pads. I am open to trades. Email me @ I hope this helps some of you in need.

- 02 Sep 2014

Hi Pixie
Do you still have from front leg available? I am in Canberra, AUST.

- 31 Dec 2016

I'm very late to the party here but does anyone still know of any spares for a rosewood Sigurd Ressell Falcon Chair? My husband's beloved has just suffered a broken front leg.
I note that the last posts I could find are at least a couple of years old.
Any info on where I might be able to find a replacement would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks and Happy New Year

- 29 Sep 2017

Hi pixie, I'm in NZ and looking for a leg for my falcon chair do you still have any?

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