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garden furniture

- 19 Aug 2012 -
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seeing as so much garden furniture is tat - "classic" looking or soulessly contemporary - I'm wondering what you design aficionados have in your garden!

I found an LC4 garden lounger... too bad it costs a few grand.


- 19 Aug 2012

loggia seating
i used to have it in my garden now it is sitting in the loggia

- 20 Aug 2012

I just don't understand why...
I just don't understand why Mark posts these up. Maybe I'm missing some inside joke.

- 20 Aug 2012

Yes, yes -- we
all have our little idiot-syncrasies (as I call them). For instance, lit up (and niceguy) are apt to give us snarky posts from time to time. What are ya gonna do ?

Just smile at the camera, and keep rolling . . . !

Have a nice Sunday.

- 20 Aug 2012

I think I understand Mark
This forum is like Mark's little stage. He is the comic relief it sometimes needs.

- 20 Aug 2012

But I love my eggies just a little bit better.
When I have a garden, my garden furniture is a couple of these tables and half a dozen of the chairs:

- 20 Aug 2012

Those chairs
are something else fastfwd!

On my teeny tiny patio I have some vintage Solair chairs I got from an endearingly grouchy old-school Scotsman, who insisted I take them for free. He just wanted them gone...I'm guessing they were too much fun for him.

The Solair chair was designed in 1972 by Montreal industrial designers, Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini and have been enjoying a resurgence here in Canada over the last few years. I'm not sure if they're popular in the U.S or not. They're extremely comfortable to sit in and I enjoy having my morning cup here...while I enjoy my neighbor's garden...

- 20 Aug 2012

thanks ffwd and solange for...
thanks ffwd and solange for contributing to the topic. ill check em out

only thing is though they might be better for a conservatory rather than a garden...

- 20 Aug 2012

I personally vote for more snappies, not less.

- 20 Aug 2012

even I
Have come to appreciate the guy and his snappies

- 20 Aug 2012

Keep the snappies

It's part of the scene here. Deal wid et.

- 20 Aug 2012

Mark, don't stop.
Your particular style of input is good for the forum, I'd miss the silliness.

- 20 Aug 2012

I was as confused as you are ...
I was as confused as you are at the start lit up, it appeared at first glance to be an act of exhibitionism, however over time I have come to realise that it must be some sort of inside joke that those of us on the peripheral dont quite get, that said Mark doesnt appear to take himself seriously, although sometimes the images can de-rail the thread.

- 21 Aug 2012

I'm a little late to the party
but I'm all for more snappies....

- 21 Aug 2012

LOVE the snappies!
And I love your Solair chairs, Solange!

I have vintage Butterflies which I hope to get back soon from my daughter when I get a place with a balcony.

- 21 Aug 2012

Thank you *spanky*
they're very cheery to see first thing in the morning...

I have always been a fan of those butterfly chairs. I had an opportunity to buy one with beautiful thick patinaed brown leather a few years ago for less than $100, but both cheapness and my want vs. need internal battle prevailed and I foolishly passed on it...ah well!

- 21 Aug 2012

Vote too
keep the snappies up!

they are very welcome edition....makes me smile

- 21 Aug 2012

Don't mess with
the snappies! Or snarky, alcohol-related comments. Brightens my day. Lord knows, living in Europe, my eyes get tired of only seeing clothing in some combination of black and taupe.

Lit Up, if it helps, just think of the photos as Mark's public service primer on how one is expected to dress (and drink) whilst hobnobbing with the Palm Beach elite.

- 21 Aug 2012

Back to the topic, does anybo...
Back to the topic, does anybody have any examples of classic garden furniture, not necessarily conservatory but outdoors all year round time stuff.

- 21 Aug 2012

no garden would be complete without them......just purchased them for exactly that reason

- 21 Aug 2012


I am not sure about "snarky". I recently said to a friend "that I was not very understanding". He replied "he thought I was understanding, I just was not very tolerant". This seemed fair.

SDR, please try not to include me and Lit Up in the same sentence.

Mark, makes me laugh with the never ending supply of Gucci's. We do not play on the same team, but we appear to have similar taste (Gucci, Gold & Wood, and all other fine things). Please keep posing.

- 22 Aug 2012

perhaps mark could start a...
perhaps mark could start a new thread when he wishes to entertain us with his self-portraits

- 22 Aug 2012

Majority rules!
Let us celebrate with a new snappy!

O Mark, Mark! wherefore art thou Mark?

(get it? Balcony. OMG, i crack myself UP.)

- 23 Aug 2012

I was contemplating buying a pair of Ernest Race Antelope chairs for the balcony but I found these instead.

Made by BKS Denmark, they serve their purpose very well.

- 26 Aug 2012

I just blew in from Key West....
and truly missed you all!

Hugs, canned hams, and highballs for everyone!

- 27 Aug 2012

Ah haha
love it.
(i see a book deal in your future Mark)

- 06 Nov 2017


My patio has long ago been filled with flora and fauna...and I like my pants today.


Aunt Mark

ps I am still feeling bad about my interaction with marigold (another thread). We only get 1 chance to make a first impression. I'm in therapy.

ps the Schultz/66 counter lounge went into the dumpster...a shame. Older Knoll produced. Nobody wanted it..and the goodwill blew me off twice (for pick-up). I was wearing pink pants at the time.


Aunt Mark

- 10 Nov 2017


The plants are thriving...mostly. The chickens are nervous. I'm clad in pink. Thinking of Ya'll.


Aunt Mark

ps. my round. make 'em doubles.

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