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grete jalk armchair or not?

Interior design
- 14 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design

Dear all,

sorry to bother if for some of you it is an obvious question, but I wonder whether this is not Jalk. I do not intend to purchase, it is just to learn. For example, the France and Sons and France and Daverkosen Jalk chairs that I know do not have such a system for supporting the seat.

Thank you!



- 14 Nov 2017

I would say in all likelihood no. I've never seen them, and I have no idea who the maker could be. I've never seen that seat support system either, or at least not quite like that and not in the context of a Danish chair.

So the likelihood is that it was some other obscure maker and an in-house design that looks rather a lot like a Grete Jalk design. Maybe too much like one, maybe not, since they are clearly different too. And it is possible that Grete drew the chair for such a maker, but I would guess it is rather unlikely.

- 15 Nov 2017

Hi Leif, I think these chairs are quite suspicious.

There are several features (the shape and size of the wood of the armrest final piece that connects to the back, or the shape and size of the pieces of wood that make the back, and how they are glued); also how the seat is designed to be visible, it is quite strange. If you look at the pictures, I think they intentionally avoided to show the area where the medaillon of France and Son should be, or maybe it is just my theory.

Curious indeed!

Thank you for your comment!

- 18 Nov 2017

That looks like a solid clue to me. And incidentally, it probably makes the likelihood of a Dane as designer a lot less. Cross border design work was not overly common. It did happen, and Ib Kofod Larsen drawing for OPE is an example. Ib Kofod Larsen was exceptional in this sense that he worked for quite a few non-Danish companies, Seffle in Sweden, E. Gomme/G Plan in the UK to name a couple.

The rarity of this cross border design work is sort of, "the exception that proves the rule."

- 18 Nov 2017

I agree. I find irritating the fact that these people are still trying to sell these chairs as jalk, claiming an "early 60es" origin.

Best wishes

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