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The last thing you acquired #56

- 06 Apr 2018 -
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Today was a good day. First I saw the little pottery vase for 99 cents (amateur effort, not worth much but nicely done and I like it). Then I spotted the Wirkkala "Pinus" vase for $1.99. Some little chips on the rim but so what! 2 bucks! Then I started down the lamp aisle even though this store has NEVER had ANY good lamps in the hundreds of times I've been there. I'm not kidding. None. Ever. So you can imagine my shock when there was a vintage Nelson bubble almost falling off the narrow shelf. Twenty bucks. I don't really have anywhere to hang it but I've always loved the warm glow of the vintage ones so I think i'm gonna hang onto it for now and try to work out a place for it.

After those finds, plus a Cathrineholm lotus piece that I didn't notice was rather beat up because i was pretty excited at that point, I went back through the whole store double checking for more stuff--found the other glass vase which I don't know what it is but i got it just in case (probably nothing). This store screens donations more thoroughly than anywhere i've ever been. Someone was asleep at the wheel when that lamp made it through.

The last thing you acquired #56
1960 - 1969


- 07 Apr 2018

early 1970's 280 sel, (w108) american export. probably the 4.5. .. but hoping for the 6.3. tobacco brown in one snappy...astro silver in another. palomino interior. trunk seal and channel have issues. optional hella driving lights.

bullet proof,

Aunt Mark

ps. grill badges have a purpose. hi.

- 07 Apr 2018

Venturing into the unknown aunt Mark, it is a late 1960s W108 with partial chassis numbers 012-12 indicates left hand drive made in Stuttgart for left hand drive countries like USA & the 89th car made in that year. It is in sad sorry state hiding in a barn for 30+ years but all the parts are there to put back like a puzzle. Too bad it is not the desirable SL, SE or 600 limousine.

- 07 Apr 2018

Well they are tanks, minimoma!

I see this W108 nearly daily. elderly woman behind the wheel. Looks to be in decent shape. And the other fool is me, your Aunt Mark...trying to hold back my tears, as the new owner was about to receive the keys to my old sl.

I don't miss it as much as anticipated, in that every time I drove it...something would hic-cup. I sold it to a local couple with deep pockets.

Somewhere in a box I have the factory brochures for your car. Both the larger s-class devoted brochure and the folding 9 page small brochure featuring all models offered that year. If I ever locate them, I will send to you.

Motor on,

Aunt Mark

- 07 Apr 2018

That is a very good looking SL (& the pants too) aunt mark & thanks for the very SL class offer or should I say a 1956 300SL or a 1935 SSK class offer.

- 07 Apr 2018

please note that I wore a pair of Gucci shoes and belt on that day, that sad day, that perfectly matched the paint on the old benz. No socks.

carry on,

Aunt Mark

- 07 Apr 2018

Got a couple Eames pieces recently...

Two ET-123's, with casters and 4-star base, 48" across, cream formica top, with cherry edge-banding for $25. One of the tables I will keep, and one I will sell.

Acquired this Eames Soft Pad in a trade with a dealer. It apparently came out of an office in the former John Hancock Building in Chicago.

I am guessing the chair is 1980's vintage, maybe a bit earlier, and the table is clearly mid-90s.

I am not a Mercedes guy, but I can see the allure of those vintage chariots.

- 07 Apr 2018

But (hi)..

If it had the proper painted hub might look a little less ghetto. I can dig it! RHD.

But (hi),

Aunt Mark

- 08 Apr 2018

Got a Ulm Stool from Max Bill for Zanotta, lacquered in back. I think Vitra is the currently producer. I have been hunting for one in wood, but difficult to find for decent price. I'll keep my eyes tuned, hoping to find the version with the little drawer under the seat.

- 15 Apr 2018

From a distance, I thought I was just rescuing a useful/functional small wooden furniture for the kids playhouse. I was surprised to see the paper label from Illums Bolighus. I don't know if this is actually a children's toy but its diminutive scale makes it look like one. It does remind me of those traditional & elegant cabinets by Kaare Klint & Ole Wanscher from the 1930s & 40s.

- 16 Apr 2018

Interesting! It does look like the Danish furniture of that era, and Illums Bolighus has had that name since 1941, so that would be about right.

I can't figure out that price, though. 16008 kroner comes out to $2600 in today's dollars, which woulda been super expensive in the 40s. But it would have been strange for it to have a decimal point--8 øre is like 1-2 cents in US money, though $26 seems like closer to what a little table like that might cost back then. I dunno.

- 16 Apr 2018

I think it is the $26 equivalent Spanky, it is a small mahogany cabinet, that is the smallest of the Bertoia chairs next to it.

- 16 Apr 2018

Yeah, i agree--it's just the 8 at the end that's odd, decimal point or not. It would be like a store pricing a piece of furniture here for $160.02.

- 16 Apr 2018


Here are my comments of pure conjecture:

1) looks like a nightstand to me.

2) handcut dovetails for the drawers would point to cabinetmaker construction, not factory.

3) Illums Bolighus did use 5-digit all-numeric model numbers in their 60's catalogs. so I would guess that the above number is the model number. While I never previously looked at IB model numbers, it appears that the first two digits pertain to the furniture type, not maker. For example, 28XXX was for sofas, 18XXX for lounge chairs, 34XXX for side dining chairs, and 10XXX for arm dining chairs. And lo and behold, the 60'x catalog also has 26XXX for sideboards/credenzas. I guess nightstand might be too small a category to have their own numbers.

4) While the 60's catalogs do not include designers or manufacturers in the model numbers, they do list designers separately in the listings (note: manufacturers were almost always excluded from department store listings to avoid brand dilution and possible skipping of the retailer middleman). The two letters to the left of the model number look like "KW" to me at first glance. This could point towards Knud Willadsen as the maker. Or perhaps I am misreading European script and it is "HW", which could mean Henrik Worts. Your piece, including pulls, does resemble some Erik Worts designs for Henrik Worts.

5) If the two letters to the left end up having nothing to do with maker or designer (perhaps it was salesman initials?), I might also look into Frode Holm, who also designed similar looking pieces.

Good luck.

- 16 Apr 2018

Thanks for the info cdsilva, I will look into those names. I did not notice the IB paper labels at first until I brought it home to wipe clean/vacuum the inside later. The size makes sense as a bedside table.

- 18 Apr 2018

The newest addition to my Arne Jacobsen collection. A blue ashtray designed for SAS Royal hotel and made by Lyngby. I am still trying to figure out if these ashtrays were made just for the hotel or in larger series.

- 18 Apr 2018

Stumbled upon this the other day, it was buried under purses and baseball caps. I was thrilled to find it. The negotiation to acquire this piece involved running to bed bath and beyond and purchasing a coat rack already assembled off the floor, because the thrift store manager originally refused to sell it because they would have nothing to hand their bags and hats on. I came up with the solution.. a coat rack + $.
I believe it is an Edward Livingston design from Archotypo studios, I found very little info on him or studio, only a few auction records and references on him. A single publication, "Archotypo : a design studio" by Edward Livingston, housed at the Smithsonian library, cataloged under the subject: furniture. The other reference was from from the 1975 book “creating modern furniture” by Dona Meilach, she provides a single photo of an almost identical rack next to a chair she attributes to him (b&w photo) . Please feel free to share if you know any info on him or studio.

- 19 Apr 2018


just wow.

I have nothing productive or helpful to add.

- 20 Apr 2018

That coat rack is wicked sweet!

my god,

Aunt Mark

- 22 Apr 2018

as promised, about 5 months ago, some pics of the former rental renovation I have undertaken.

Got the lamp on the Bay for not alot. Its an early Hans Agne Jakobsson. The seller said it was rough but it was just dirty and needed some bits reglued. The slats are a little uneven? But I like that.

The living room area is getting there. The couches I purchased for $100 at a local charity shop and they are like new. Astonishing. The colors/shades are mesmerizing. Like the back of scarab beetle.

The murphy bed is to the RIGHT, around the corner, sorta.

I still have some stuff to do but it is coming along nicely. Am very pleased. Will probably become a guest house/occasional AirBnB when we feel like it.

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