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The last thing you acquired......#17

- 25 Sep 2012 -
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Picked up this George Nelson for Nessen Lighting pendant Beehive lamp. This lamp was designed in 1969 and i'm told was only produced for three years.


- 28 Sep 2012

Action Office!
With the winning combination of a birch top and a yellow cord management panel, I am very pleased with my new desk.

- 29 Sep 2012

this and that
couple of find yesterday, 2 cantilever lamps I THINK by sonneman and a rattan magazine rack I THINK by Franco Albini.

I think

- 30 Sep 2012

Nelson lamp is just too...
Nelson lamp is just too cools for words! Never seen it before.

- 30 Sep 2012

Update on the Nelson X-Leg table
This is the follow-up to another "last thing" post. In #14, I found this table, but only the legs were salvageable. I had a local shop (that, incidentally, does a lot of custom work for HM) laminate me a new top in walnut. Here's the finished table.

- 30 Sep 2012

absolutely beautiful, poach!

- 02 Oct 2012

good finds lately!
Panton, Mccobb, Nelson, and Eames...

- 13 Oct 2012

I don't know if I would...
I don't know if I would qualify what you did as upcycling, Tom Ado, but
rather, a necessary repair with vintage lamps. Original dangerous, as illustrated by what happened. Had the frying occurred at the ceiling connection, it could have easily been much worse...
You did a nice job, the lamp still looks great, and is now safe to use.

- 13 Oct 2012

Are these pictures of the lig...
Are these pictures of the light before the incident described?

- 13 Oct 2012

Well...after a long time, my ...
Well...after a long time, my Jacobsen 3303 has be reupholstered. After and before pics below

- 13 Oct 2012

Very nice, jesgord
Is the one leg a little wacky?

- 13 Oct 2012

That looks very nice. Would...
That looks very nice. Would be great to also see it in context with the egg chair sometime, if you plan to put them together in the living room.

- 14 Oct 2012

Today's find
Picked at an estate sale --

Evelyn Ackerman/ERA

"Gallant Horse" #506

- 14 Oct 2012

VERY NICE. I have the same...
VERY NICE. I have the same one in my bedroom. The only other one I've seen sold at LAMA a few years ago

- 21 Oct 2012

Bought this sconce
at a second-hand shop in Annemasse, near Geneva, yesterday. I see two on 1stdibs right now--one dealer thinks it's French and the other thinks it's Italian. I'm leaning toward a French light with Murano shades.

Anybody know the designer/manufacturer?

- 23 Oct 2012

gold semi
This weeks find rare 24k gold plate fog & morup semi what a beauty
Not sure if i Will sell or keep

- 24 Oct 2012

I won a lot of eight...
I won a lot of eight five-piece place settings of Raymond Loewy 1957 sterling flatware -- and coincidentally on the same day I sold off my silverware collection.

- 26 Oct 2012

Dansk Wenge Rare Woods Pepper mill set
Found these at an antique store. They arent marked dansk...only Danmark.

Part of JHQ's Rare Woods collection. These are made of wenge.

- 26 Oct 2012

those are

I may have an addition to this thread. There is a guzzini arc lamp that I am eyeing, but the dealer figured out yesterday what it was..drats. So close. We'll see how they price it.

- 26 Oct 2012

I put new items in my home for a while amd then I take them to the shop after a while,. i always like to say I collect for orher people... Which keeps the collection unlimited too!

- 27 Oct 2012

There are no labels on these. The woman I bought them from, said they were in the house since 1950. I also bought a first production rope edge with the dime imprint on the seat, that looked like it had never been sat in. These table def had some wear to them on the paint, and the rubber on the bottoms has some cracking but the finish looks original. I can post pics of the undersides but the labels are not there anymore.

- 27 Oct 2012

condition on the trolley is UNREAL!

- 28 Oct 2012

Bent Falk Stove
Got this earlier this month off of CL. It was totally dead stock Rais stove by Bent Falk. Couple got it for free from a guy years ago and never got around to installing it. Even came with five brand new fire tools and a wall bracket. Above the fire box is a stove for pizzas, roasts, etc. Really happy to have it for the winter.

- 28 Oct 2012

did you
have to build the surround for it? Wonderful

- 28 Oct 2012

Thanks. The surround was brick...
I bought the slate and had a guy put it in.

- 29 Oct 2012

I did something similar
in my last home w/ soapstone. Loved it

Bought a beat beat beat set of Brown and saltman pieces by Mr. Keal. A 6 drawer dresser (I think, 8?) and what they call a blanket chest w/ 2 drawers. This is the design w/ the end to end aluminum pulls. Think I will have them professionally worked on.

They also had a Remploy cradenza that was much less beat but more money. Really nicely made but not the find that the other piece is. I will include pics later.

Did I mention it is beat?

- 30 Oct 2012

Another bud vase
for my collection of oddball ceramics. Loved the color of the glaze and style. Unsigned but I swear I've seen these somewhere.

- 30 Oct 2012

I don't know where you live,
But here in Belgium there was a guy who made a lot of these, Antonio Lampecco.

- 30 Oct 2012

I live in the united states
Southern California, it looks close though! I do realize that there are tons of people who made ceramics like this. I have many different signatures on things.

- 30 Oct 2012

Don Shoemaker tray.
Picked up this Don Shoemaker tray from an estate sale that had a lot of MCM furniture that was way over priced. I saw the tray sitting amongst some other odds and ends, picked it up for $15.

- 01 Nov 2012

I did not expect to find at my local Goodwill.

Fornasetti bookends $2.52 on half price day no less...

If anyone knows the name of this design I'd appreciate it...I haven't been able to find it so far.

- 04 Nov 2012

McCobb dining chairs
I bought four of these Friday at a thrift shop.

- 05 Nov 2012

Love the woodstove. Could have used that one last week with storm
'Sandy' devouring NY. Power is back on now but what a mess it has been...
Did manage to visit the Guggenheim and the Met today to calm my scattered
visual nerves.

- 06 Nov 2012

Asko Bonanza Esko Pajamies
I recently purchased a pair of Asko Bonanza lounge chairs designed by Esko Pajamies. I only paid $60 for the pair

- 07 Nov 2012

no pics yet
of the Brown & saltman dresser (8 drawer, I confirmed). But I have refinished the drawers. I think I will probably keep it.

I did pick up 3 Georges Briard coffee or occasional tables the other day. Georges Briard is one of those love/hate things for me. They are pretty fabulous, but not really to my tastes.

- 08 Nov 2012

Paul McCobb
Picked up 4 Paul McCobb planner group chairs this morning...

I love them but have no space so these beauties will be forsale.

- 09 Nov 2012

Wow,those look super clean!
I wish I needed chairs,but no room!

- 09 Nov 2012

To the owner of the mccobb...
To the owner of the mccobb chairs, where are you located?

- 10 Nov 2012

Hey sorry for my delay...Im...
Hey sorry for my delay...Im in Ohio where are you email me at
jbradleyboston at

- 14 Nov 2012

If you were closer I would bu...
If you were closer I would buy them depending on price.


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