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The new format of this Forum

- 08 Jul 2018 -
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Hi there, I've the impression that since the Design Addict webpage was updated, and consequently the Forum section has been removed of its subsections, the Forum has lost something. Any thought? Would it not make sense to have the Identification and Restoration sections separate again?




- 09 Jul 2018

Whoa, I hadn't even noticed that the section filters no longer work when reading messages here because I've always just looked at the the list of thread titles in all sections.

I did notice that recently it is no longer possible to stop a multi-photo display from scrolling continuously by clicking on the one you want to look more carefully. The only way to get around that is to quickly double click on the one you want to hold and then click "open image in new tab" before it scrolls past. You have to be very quick (and half the time I'm not).

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