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panton chair original?

- 12 May 2011 -
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My parents got two white panton chairs from the company they worked for. Thanks to old pictures of the family, i can see they have them already more than 25 years!

My question; When did they start to produce replica's??? Could these chairs be real? because there are no marks or stamps... But they are also made of polypropylene, like the panton classic. (havy material!)

thanks in advance


- 12 May 2011

Panton Chair History
1967: Vitra and Herman Miller
Painted fiberglass

1968-1971: Vitra and Herman Miller
Painted polyurethane (heavy)

1971-1975: Herman Miller
1971-1979: Vitra
Dyed polystyrene (with molded ribs under the seat to keep it from cracking)

1983-1990: Horn GmbH
1990-Present: Vitra
Painted polyurethane (the Vitra models have Panton's signature molded into the base, so they can be differentiated from the original PU production; I don't know whether the Horn models also have the signature)

1999-Present: Vitra
Dyed polypropylene

If your chairs are 25+ years old, they're authentic; knockoffs have only recently been cost-effective to make.

If your chairs are painted, have no ribs under the seat, and have no signature, they're either 40-year-old polyurethane or (if Horn chairs don't have the signature) 21- to 28-year-old polyurethane.

- 06 Oct 2011

Vintage Panton ID please
Great production history, thanks. Did you ever see an S chair with the raised marks: XX underneath the seat near the round injection nipple, ribs not only at the base but also extra Ones, longer, that are parallel to the edges of both sides at the lower back and follow through under the seat? (Hardly visable from the back view). Wondering what year this one is & where it was made. I've had it 20 years & bought if from someone in US who thought they had it 20 years.
Thank You!
Panton lover

- 07 Oct 2011

I have one too
Dark brown dyed, heavy plastic, ribs (but not the same ribs as Herman Miller production), unmarked, undated. Looks like it has some age to it.

Been trying to figure this one out.

- 11 Nov 2011

Its . . .
It's really difficult. Ive got a Panton Chair sat here. Very heavy at almost 6/7kgs (trying to weigh it on bathroom scales!?!). Painted gloss white. Total height 32". Seat height 17" Couple of pics below showing base of chair & a small section where paint has been chipped.

- 12 Nov 2011

No markings . . .
Can't see any markings on it.

Ive measured the chair and the sizes match those given on the Vitra website.

Like I said, tried to weigh the chair on bathroom scales but it was proving to be difficult, but it is heavy.

I bought it approx 1 year ago and have been using it as an office chair. But it was not until I recently purchased two cheap "Panton" chairs made from ABS plastic that In noticed a significant difference in quality.

- 12 Nov 2011

Weighing is difficult?
Stand on scale while holding chair. Stand on scale without chair. Subtract.

- 12 Nov 2011

In that case
It's probably manufactured in China.

- 13 Jun 2012

What is the age of this chair
Hello, I have just saved these chairs from someone who would throw them away. As you can see, they arre in very bad shape. Would I (have them)repaint or not and are they worth something?

I just cleand them and found a off seemed sticker "herman miller collection" I really don't dear to sit on this +40 jear old icon...

thank you

- 13 Jun 2012

it was manufactured by Vitra. The company used these labels until 1978, I think.

- 13 Jun 2012

thanx for te fast response

Does anyone know how to renovate these chairs. Because there is little information on. or does the chair lose all its value when doing? As an architect student, I will certainly not sell them, but I want to know how much this is worth.

I have added pictures after the cleaning. ik looks like onley the primer stayed on. they are realy matt. I also pictures of what's left over from the "Herman miller collection" sticker

- 13 Jun 2012

True color
The true color of the chairs is underneath the paint. I would suggest stripping the paint and refinishing.

- 13 Jun 2012

If they are Vitra chairs
then they are polystyrene, according to the information previously posted in this thread. Chemical paint stripper will melt certain plastics so be very careful about how you go about removing the paint.

- 13 Jun 2012

It looks like some indications of fibers are visible in some of the photos, so they may be fiberglass reinforced. In any case, the paint should be removed with care, as noted.

- 13 Jun 2012

fabric of panton chair
hmm, I thought polyester was white? these are dark orange-brown. I am sure that they were originally painted white because you can still see the impression of the sticker underneath the seat. on 2 chairs you can even read "herman miller production". the chairs weigh 7.5Kg.
under the seat it seems to be reinforced because where there is no paint you see the same 'fabric' but lighter

so far, I will certainly not paint the chairs and see what is best. isn't it a shame to repaint them so you can not see the stickers anymore? wil it not lose it's authenticity en value IF IT'S EVEN WORTH SOMETHING IN THIS STATE?

I have put some details of the seats in poorer condition on flickr for a clearer picture of the fabric. thanks for your help! I am new to this forum. I'm from belgium.

- 03 Feb 2014

Panton chair - please help recognizing if fake or original
Hi, i read through all posts here, but I still need some advice please. Found in a second hand store a used panton chair for 30?, they say somebody just got it home and now is moving so is selling stuff. The chair has no marks on it, is quite heavy and has reinforcing ribs (4 or 5 pieces) underneath. Could it be some kind of ripp of, a fake one, or is it one of the older pieces?
Thank you very much for your help.

- 14 Jan 2018


Just got this set, but not sure about it's authenticity.

The chairs are old, and very heavy, no signature/markings, no ribs.

In the crack of the chair on one of the pictures it seems they are fiberglass.

Can anyone tell me a bit about these? Early Verner Panton?

Thanks and best regards,

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