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is this really an Eileen Gray Lamp?

- 10 Mar 2009 -
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I found this lamp (actually an infrared heat lamp) by Philips in a thrift-shop. It surfaced on ebay a couple of times, described as an Eileen gray design, but I could not verify this so far. I'd like to exchange the infrared bulb for a regular one and use it as a wall-light, it's quite clever as the red ring is swivel-mounted to the base.
As I'm a curious person I'd really like to know if it is really a EG design - any comments appreciated!


- 10 Mar 2009

Yep, certainly by Perriand.
Yep, certainly by Perriand.

- 10 Mar 2009

Great! Thank you both....
Great! Thank you both.
Maybe my memory tricked me and I just confused the two great female designers - shame on me

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