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replacement hopsack upholstery fabric source

anonymous (not verified)
- 28 Oct 2001 -
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does anyone know of possible sources for replacement hopsack fabric?
i'd like to reupholster my baumritter viko midcentury sofa with fabric as similar to the original as possible.


Eric (not verified)
- 01 Jun 2002

ISO Viko Baumritter Information
Can anyone tell me anything about Viko Baumritter furniture? Where, when, how? Etc.... I have come across a very cool sofa (mint green!) and am wondering if it has value other than simple cool factor.

Please email me directly as I have never used this message board. I'm at:

Thank you!

anonymous (not verified)
- 24 Jul 2002

baumritter is the name of the man who started the furniture company that later became ethan allen. I have a couple of chairs with loose cushions, and also don't know if there is any value other than retro appeal.

Janey (not verified)
- 30 Sep 2002

Baumritter Chairs
Have you found out about your chairs? The way you described them, I think they are the ones I am looking for. Do you live near Pennsylvania and do you want to sell?

Bradford (not verified)
- 16 Dec 2002

Baumritter Furniture
Theodore Baumritter was the founder of the Ethan Allen furniture Company. Baumritter was the corporate name of the present Ethan Allen. Name was changed in 1969. You can find a history on Viko was the modern line in the late 50s.

Brad Hamilton

anonymous (not verified)
- 03 Apr 2003

I have a maple bedroom suite.
This is a very nice set it has the Baumritter and Ethan Allen name. Was wonering if anyone could tell the value or age the marking number is 26108, and does say Vermont.


anonymous (not verified)
- 03 Apr 2003

I know Herman Miller uses hopsack to upholster many of their pieces, so you can either try contacting them to see who they use, but I have a feeling it would be Maharam. I know its difficult for the public to purchase fabric from Maharam, but you can also try, as they carry some of their 20th century classic patterns, and may be able to get you what you're looking for.

Deb (not verified)
- 11 Apr 2003

Ethan Allen; Vermont Furniture, Baumritter
Hi- The Baumritter Company later became Ethan Allen, and was also the Vermont Furniture Company. All quality furnishings.

- 13 Jul 2005

Value and Age of Baumritter furniture
I have been researching Baumritter furniture and discoverd that Baumritter became Ethan Allen in 1965. This was also confirmed by someone at Ethan Allen HQ. So, my guess would be that your piece was probably made sometime after '65. They probably put both names to bring their Baumritter customers into the Ethan Allen fold. But, that's just a guess. As for the value, Baumritter doesn't seem to be brining that much as far as what I have seen. But, if you want to sell you may just need to hold out for the right person. Value is an objective concept sometimes.

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