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rubber straps for outdoor furniture

- 08 Jul 2009 -
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Are most rubber strapped chairs / chaises using the same standard straps and if so, where would I find replacements. I found a neat MCM patio set, and while useable, there are a few straps missing.

Plus I kind of wish it was all white..... And while I may not get these, I have found Brown Jordan sets on the cheap several times, but with missing straps. It would be a good resource to have.


- 08 Jul 2009

I would think...
you could find that type of vinyl at any fabric store (like JoAnn Fabrics, not sure if they have them in Austin). If those chairs are constructed like the others I've seen like it there should be some kind of pop-rivet attaching the strips to the underside of the frame? Or possibly a grommet with a screw or bolt? I would think it would be an easy fix, plus you could customize them with any colors you would want. Cool chairs!

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