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set of 2 nesting tables, maker mark ID

- 31 Aug 2013 -
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I just found this set of 2 nesting tables in excellent condition.
Now I'm trying to figure out who produced and designed them.
There is a maker mark on the bottom of the small table.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
I really like the curved edges a lot.


- 31 Aug 2013

I had an Erling Torvits coffee table with this mark which I believe is for Heltborg Mobler.

- 31 Aug 2013

. has heltborg mobler adverts, which show that logo so it is definitely Heltborg.

The Danish furniture index shows various Erling Torvits designs for Heltborg. One of them is a table with the same mitered tops of the legs. And a gently arced apron. Very similar.

So I bet H.moon is dead on right. And he always is. So....

- 31 Aug 2013

I guess
He must be right!
Searched the furniture index but they are not there either, though I understand it's not complete.
Anyhow, it's a nice set and thanks for the tips!

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