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togo knockoffs

- 29 Dec 2012 -
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I have been doing some researching some furniture for our basement. My son wants some "cool" furniture. Found this togo by ligne roset furniture that looks really awesome but is really expensive. Trying to find somewhere that might sell some knockoffs. I could sure use some help or ideas? Thanks!


- 01 Jan 2013

Knock offs are not on!
Design plays an important role in our life but it also affects the lives of others. Knock-off designer goods can involve exploitation of workers, human trafficking and unsafe work practices. Most of us wouldn't let our kids work in factories but many turn a blind eye to the exploitation of children in other countries.

If you love design and can't afford the original, then buy something you can afford. Ethical shopping is good for the planet.

- 01 Jan 2013

tick, i'm guessing you typed...
tick, i'm guessing you typed your message on your nice mac or ipad that was built by a 17 year old chinese girl who works 16 hours a day with no lunch break.

- 02 Jan 2013

alphaville makes a togo knockoff. i didn't post a link!
(edited by DA, no links to repro websites please)

- 02 Jan 2013

Actually Foxxxy, I am typing ...
Actually Foxxxy, I am typing on a first generation iPad (a gift) which hasn't been updated for the very reason you suggested, although it should be noted that Apple are supposed to be working on improving working conditions and to my knowledge have never been connected with human trafficking offences.
I am pro union labour, almost everything in our house is vintage and food comes from local markets. I may not be perfect but you could say that I am trying my best to minimize sweatshop goods.

Whereas there is overwhelming evidence of organized crime raising money through the production of counterfeit designer goods that are made in sweatshops that treat workers like animals. Rather than shooting the messenger, you could do something constructive like consider the proposition I have put forward and suggest ways that the design community could assist in educating others about the negative aspects of the fake designer goods trade. There is always an authentic vintage alternative to suit even the smallest of budgets.

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