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unique find

- 09 Apr 2009 -
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Hello fellow DA-ers!

Found a unique 'coffeetable'. It's made of full, massive pieces rosewood, glued together and then sawn into this one circular piece.
I think it's rather wonderfull...

It was commisioned by an architect and made by dear friend of him, who did made-to-measure assignments for several architectural projects.

I went to the house and picked it up. The coffeetable was made to measure the huge living room, wich was also fitted with an custommade oak table, fitted with 8 wishbone-chairs (all original vintage).

The table is the size of a tractor-wheel.

I'm going back next tuesday, picking up some sixties lighting fixtures and fifties teak bedroom furniture.
I'm planning to take some photos, do I report back?




- 09 Apr 2009

When in doubt, ALWAYS report back!
What's the bottom of this coffee table made of(?), I can't quite tell.

Love the top, it's like my Dansk cutting boards (which I can never quite bring myself to use for the damaging task of cutting).

- 09 Apr 2009

I could see this in an Asian setting, with a few pillows for seating.

- 09 Apr 2009

LOVE unique!
The table is awesome,the Rosewood's stunning.Would definitely like to see what else you come up with.

- 09 Apr 2009

The bottom is made of an...
The bottom is made of an inexpensive wood and covered with carpet, consistent with the flooring througout the livingroom.
Was supposed to give the (heavy) top a floating feeling.
Thanks for the avid feedback!

- 10 Apr 2009

if you live in australia it...
if you live in australia it very much looks like an australian designers furniture robert dunlop i had a piece of his with that same top.

- 11 Apr 2009

I'm afraid I live in...
I'm afraid I live in Flanders, Belgium, Jonnie.
Robert Dunlop indeed made some comparible tabletops, had a look on his website. Thank for bringing the name up.
Here in Belgium we had designer-interiordecorator who also made high-end furniture, out of exotic woods: Jules Wabbes.
I adore this work, so i'm quite happy with this find.

In your other post you showed pictures of your father, they reminded me a bit of Bram Bogart, also a painter from the lower countries.

- 12 Apr 2009

i see what you mean, he has...
i see what you mean, he has those thick textural colours also, i did'nt know who he was until now i just googled him, his colours are very bright!

- 12 Apr 2009

the house?
if they are getting rid of the furniture and other stuff, what is happening to the house?

is it in the same style? or was/is it just the interior?



- 13 Apr 2009

lovely table, I tried to make...
lovely table, I tried to make similar a few years ago from shipping pallets but ran out of timber after cutting all the flaws out.

I've met Robert Dunlop, he is a friendly old guy and was in the remarkable position of exporting furniture to Denmark/Scandinavia in the 70's.

- 14 Apr 2009

The house is in the same...
The house is in the same style. It's quite unique: built surface is 900 square meters. They worked seven years on it. I assume the architect had time to change his mind, because although the style is typical for pavilions in the mid-sixties, it leaves that idea here and there, resulting in strange architectural deformations.
The house has sold, stands in the neighbourhood of a large shop and I believe the owners of that specific mall bought the house, I hope they appreciate it's value...

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