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unknown lamp 60s 70s Joe Colombo

- 04 Feb 2018 -
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hi there,

just found this strange lamp made of metal. I do not have a clue to designer or producer but looks very italian and 67 to me. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

unknown lamp 60s 70s Joe Colombo
hanging lamps
1960 - 1969


- 04 Feb 2018

obviously designed for use with vintage flocked velvet blacklight poster

- 05 Feb 2018

Every bulb I did try sticks out of the reflector. So definitely not a latern.

- 05 Feb 2018

Hilarious, objet. A friend had that exact poster hanging in his dorm room at Tufts, 1975.
I don't remember the lamp, though.

- 05 Feb 2018

thanks a lot for your ideas! Don’t think that the loop thing is a stand because of stability. The metal head is quite long and very heavy. So even the loop thing is strange...

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