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were there ever white Platner chairs in production?

Product design
- 09 Aug 2017 -
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Product design

I recently acquired 10 chairs, they were originally purchased (late 60´s-early 70´s) and have been going around different family houses.

Everyone since around 1975 remembers them always being white. They do not have any of the original cushions or anything, so I have no way to tell if they are Platner originals or not.

But simply from their timeline, I do not tend to believe they would be replicas.

Any thoughts?

were there ever white Platner chairs in production?
chairs & stools
1960 - 1969


- 10 Aug 2017

They gotta be original Knoll Platner.
It is theoretically possible that they were custom ordered white,
But I doubt that. More likely they were either professionally powder coated or spray enameled to accommodate a new decorative approach or to hide the pitting and rust.
One of my tables was painted black.

- 10 Aug 2017


Please remove the spot light from the inside of your lovely table. Platner would just die.


Aunt Mark

- 10 Aug 2017

And no.

The finishes were polished nickel and yummy bronze. No white.


Aunt Mark

- 10 Aug 2017

i shall heed your advice
Auntie Dear.

- 10 Aug 2017

Thanks, I do believe them to be authentic. I actually scratched the paint a bit and it seemed that there is bronze underneath, or could it be just the base coat.
Anyways, there is quite a bit of restoring to be done, figuring out how to get the fiberglass mold and the right fabric.

Thanks to all for your input!

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