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1950 armchair: Vodder, Aksel Bender Madsen or nothing special??

- 04 Dec 2014 -
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Hi there

I am trying to ID this chair.  Lauritz attribute it to Vodder, a US dealer says it is Vodder, and another US dealer says it is by Bovenkamp.

Please see Lauritz link:

Any real evidence out there??

Many thanks

chairs & stools
1950 - 1959


- 04 Dec 2014

Arne Vodder? I don't think so.

Try searching Madsen & Schubell.

- 07 Dec 2014

So many different attributions float around the internet.

I would try and speak to and see if they can shed any light on the chair as no one has the difinitive answer apart from his daughter.

Ohh and do let us all know what if any response is received.

- 07 Dec 2014

If it transpires that this design is by Arne Vodder I'll gladly change my screen name to Susan.

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