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2-tier table id request

- 12 Oct 2012 -
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i found this 2-tier end/accent/coffee (not sure which one) table a while back but haven't been able to id it. any help would be greatly appreciated. it think this may be referred to as floating or something. thanks...


- 12 Oct 2012

the picture is attached now
sorry for no picture. i think i attached it correctly this time.

- 13 Oct 2012

Could be ...
Maybe Finn Juhl. Hmmm ...

- 25 Oct 2012

I've looked around ...
I've looked around. It looks like a really cool table.
Any markings or logos?

- 26 Nov 2012

Spinning off of another thread ...
I saw a post a few minutes ago about a chair that had a similar floating design. Someone said Jansen on the chair.
Maybe this is Jansen too. I'm sure I'm wrong :).

- 26 Nov 2012

it looks stained beech
and would presumably be american made?

- 26 Nov 2012

I agree
looks american. No marks whatsoever?

- 27 Nov 2012

there are some numbers on it ...
thank you very much for the input. there are some numbers
on it that I will post overnight this evening. the numbers are separated by dashes. there was a small paper-like tag on
the underside of it when i found it some time ago. but the tag was seemingly affixed before wood stain went on so was somewhat stained over and definitely unreadable. also the table is slightly wobbly and I guess wouldn't be this way if it were anything great.

thank you again.

- 29 Nov 2012

here are some stamped numbers ...
here's the follow up with markings. on the very bottom is ... 624-63-665
END T663

that's about all i've got :). it's on the bottom of the
lowest tier. the paper tag that is gone was on the bottom
of the top tier and was about 2x3 inches in size. the only thing to add is that the bottom tier is mounted via four toed in screws to the legs and the rest of the table seems to be constructed by hidden dowels. thanks again for everyone's input that was given.

- 29 Nov 2012

I got it
I have the same exact table. It's stamped (just below the same numbers you found):


I believe it's an American. I also have another end table by the same company. This one is with a small drawer, and this drawer has a white plastic piece attached. That's telling me that this is NOT a very old piece...

But both tables look really nice and solid. I like them.

- 30 Nov 2012

thanks TK
thank you TK. sounds like a match. the four screws that are
toeing in the lower tier are flat head screws. coincidentally, i removed the top just this morning in an attempt to see how to remove the wobble. the top is fastened with four flat head screws also that go into it through the center crossing pieces hence creating i guess a floating top perhaps.

thanks again.

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