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56" Pearl Inlay Mirror Frame Identification

- 29 Jun 2018 -
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Any help with identification or information on this beautiful frame would be greatly appreciated!

It's 56" tall and very heavy, looks to have been originally painted silver with a yellow base underneath, not much silver is left showing. It looks like a full resin mold. There's some type of shell inlay covered in clear resin, each piece looks individually placed. On the backside of the frame, there's some type of wood filler or cork.


56" Pearl Inlay Mirror Frame Identification


- 29 Jun 2018

This forum is dedicated to mid 20th century design so I don't know how much help you'll find here. Your frame either predates that period or is based on a frame style that predates that period.

That said--i'm pretty sure that you've got silver leaf there, not silver paint. Gold and silver leaf is applied over a base layer of enamel, usually a carnelian red color for gold. I don't know what the usual is for silver leaf; I'm guessing yellow would warm it up a bit. Anyway, that might help in your research.

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