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Anyone know this Sideboard?

- 04 Mar 2018 -
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Bought this Sideboard on eBay and it was much more beautiful than I expected! Any ideas? I have traveled through endless images of teak tambour sideboards and have found nothing!

Anyone know this Sideboard?


- 05 Mar 2018

Bumping this up just to get it above all the bot posts for fake diplomas. Hope someone can help you with it! What's going on with the center section? I assumed they were drawers but maybe it's a panel designed to look like drawers? I like it a lot.

More photos would help, especially detail shots of joinery, the back, bottom, sides, etc. I am not the ID person here but others may be able to help.

- 10 Mar 2018

More photos attached.

Height: 90cm
Length: 236cm

Teak with tambour doors and a middle section of draws.

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