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Are these legs American or Italian?

- 13 Feb 2018 -
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Probably American, but I can't find any like them and thought combined with the tile top that these might be Italian. Anyone seen any like this or have any clues?

Are these legs American or Italian?


- 17 Feb 2018

Bumping to see if anyone has ever seen legs like this with the big brass tips on the end. Quite different from the typical american brass-tipped legs of that era. I've seen them one other time on another piece but also unknown maker. Guesses welcome.

- 17 Feb 2018

I've never seen them before but they do look more Italian than American to me---the rest of the table, not so much. It's a bit clunky and i don't see much artfulness in the mosaic inlay. Not that Italian automatically means sleek and artful.

Here's a zoomed in photo of the leg in case it helps jog someone's memory. The leg itself is a bit unusual in that the top half looks cylindrical but then it starts to taper. At least that's how it appears in the photo.

- 26 Feb 2018

Thanks for looking Spanky. I'll go with most likely Italian walnut.

- 27 Feb 2018

The leg tips seem sort of a snazzy non sequitur for the mass-market mod style.

And speak of the devil, here's some real American legs..

- 27 Feb 2018

Doc Martens..

I heve a few pair. Hello. but few socks, Hi. They smell foul.

I do,

Aunt Mark

ps ___________

pss the chickens miss you.

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